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Aluminum GoPro Cage / Rig



In this post we are taking a closer look at the aluminum GoPro cage / rig by Movo. This unit is made of high-grade aluminium with a nice brushed finish to help prevent scratching and getting marked up. It can be used in water, so a perfect tool for divers and underwater filming as well. Now if used in salt water it is a good practice to rinse well when done to get rid of any salt residue.

In it simplest form a GoPro rig like this is great for stability and helping to keep your shots steady by adding better ways to grip and hold your GoPro. However a rig like this is a necessity if you wish to add accessories to your setup such as lights or a microphone, you could even add a monitor to this unit if you so desire. The Movo GoPro cage is well-built, stylish and is priced reasonably. Inside the box you get the aluminum frame, a GoPro mount and a wrist strap. There are two cold shoe mounts on top of the unit that can be used to mount lights or a light and a microphone. There are several 1/4 tripod threaded holes on the top, side and bottom of the unit making this rig easily configurable to your needs. For some accessories you may need to pick up mounting hardware such as a cold shoe adapter or male to male 1/4 inch tripod screws.

Movo Aluminum Cage (USA)
Movo Aluminum Cage (CAN)

Other items used in this video.

GoPole Rig:
GoPro Hero 6:
Litra Torch Light:
Rode VideoMicro:
Rode VideoMic Go:
1/4 Male to 1/4 Male:
Cold Shoe Adapter:


A rig like this is commonly used to add accessories such as lights and microphones.


Aluminum GoPro cage. The perfect tool for vloggers or underwater filming.


Adds grip to your GoPro setup.


An aluminium GoPro rig with a beautiful brushed finish.


Some accessories you may want to consider. Helps to attach some accessories to the unit.

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FeiyuTech G6 Review and Sample Footage



FeiyuTech announced the new FeiyuTech G6 several weeks ago and over the past week they have finally been shipping out to customers. At first glance you really notice the size of the new gimbal is quite a bit larger than is predecessor. It has larger more powerful motors and according to FeiyuTech these new motors with higher torque will produce smoother footage and cause less shake in certain situations. There are many new upgrades to the FeiyuTech G6 Such as:

  • Redesigned mounting/accessory options on the side and bottom.
  • 12 Hour battery time.
  • New FeiyuTech App with more features.
  • Support for GoPro Session.
  • OLED Screen.
  • Tilt wheel. Adjust horizon.
  • Support to use smart phone as monitor.
  • Control GoPro with WiFi connection. Stop/Start recording, change modes, ect.
  • New angle of motors to allow for better view of GoPro screen.
  • Larger motors for smoother footage/less shake.
  • Waterproof
  • Sliding arm to balance various cameras. No weights needed.

The G5 was listed as being splash proof, but the new Feiyutech G6 is listed as being waterproof. Personally I will be treating mine as being splash-proof. This really is a welcome feature for those of us who like to film around water. Shooting in the rain should not be a problem as well. One of the most exciting new features is being able to control your GoPro via new buttons on the FeiyuTech G6 handle. To control your GoPro you must connect it first via WiFi through the FeiyuTech iPhone app. Once connected you can start/stop recording or take photos with a press of a button. You can change between photo, video and time-lapse mode. You can also change a few basic settings such as resolution and field of view.

I have used it a fair amount and I can say I really am pleased with its performance. Now I was a fan of the G5 as well and I don’t know if I could detect a huge difference between the FeiyuTech G5 and G6’s performance in keeping footage stable as the G5 did a great job as well. The new angle of the motor is also a welcome improvement as it makes viewing the GoPro screen a little easier when filming. Balancing the GoPro in the FeiyuTech G6 is quick and easy with the addition of the new sliding arm. You no longer have to attach weights when switching between smaller and larger cameras.

The FeiyuTech G6 now comes with a hard style case that can actually hold quite a bit of gear including a second GoPro and spare batteries. Now I was a fan of the sleeve that shipped with the old gimbal as it was super compact and would fit into a camera bag or backpack without taking up a lot of room. However I did find that even thought the G6 is larger than the G5 it will still fit into the old G5 sleeve (without GoPro attached).

All on all I think FeiyuTech has done a great job with the new upgraded gimbal. If you already own a G5 I don’t really know if its worth the money to upgrade unless you really like the idea of controlling your GoPro with the Gimbal. If you are looking to get your first stabilizer that I do think this is your best choice. The FeiyuTech G6 is probably the best GoPro gimbal on the market right now.

Watch our YouTube review, I go over setting up the new FeiyuTech G6 and provide some sample test footage.

FeiyuTech G6 (USA)
FeiyuTech G6 (CAN)

Extension Handle (USA)
Extension Handle (CAN)

FeiyuTech G6 interior of case. Can hold an extra GoPro, cables and extra batteries.


FeiyuTech G6 Hard Case.


You can keep your GoPro charged via the included charging cable. Charge via the FeiyuTech G6 battery.


GoPro session mount kit for the FeiyuTech G6.


GoPro Hero 5 Session mounted in the FeiyuTech G6.


New buttons on the FeiyuTech G6 allows you to control your GoPro.


New FeiyuTech G6.


FeiyuTech G6 contents in the box.


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WeatherProof External Charging For GoPro Hero 5/6 Black | X~PWR-H5 Review



Have you ever wished you could have your GoPro Hero 5 Black or GoPro Hero 6 Black plugged into external power so you can do extended time-lapses or recordings without having to worry about rain or moisture getting into the ports? You should check out the X~PWR-H5 by 3BR Power sports. With this add-on for your Hero 5 or Hero 6 you can create a water-resistant seal on your existing GoPro frame.

With this kit you get everything you need to modify your stock Hero frame. This is a non damaging modification as it just sticks on with adhesive that can be removed if needed. Once the kit is installed, it allows you to plug you GoPro Hero 5/6 Black into a power bank or outlet using their specially designed USB-C Cable and keep your GoPro charged while recording for extended periods outdoors without risk of damaging your GoPro from rain. Not only does it keep out moisture but dust as well. If you are a moto vlogger you know how dust can quickly accumulate in the ports of your GoPro when you have the door open for charging. This can over time cause your GoPro to malfunction, trying to blow it out with compressed air can actually drive it deeper within the ports. The X~PWR-H5 prevents this from happening and allows you to record your activities worry free. If you are using an older Hero 4 series camera, they even sell a casing for them as well.

The X~PWR-H5 USB-C cable comes in various lengths depending on how much slack you need in the cable. It’s a good idea to get one long enough to allow you to tuck away the power bank in a pocket or backpack.

X~PWR-H5 (18 Inch Cable)
X~PWR-H5 (36 Inch Cable)
X~PWR-H5 (48 Inch Cable)
X~PWR-H5 (66 Inch Cable)

X-Power (Hero 4)

Watch our YouTube video demonstration how to install the X~PWR-H5 and see it in action.


This is the version for the GoPro Hero 4 series.


When not in use, simply twist the clamp and remove the cable.


Forms a dust and water-resistant seal allowing you to charge while filming in the elements.


The X~PWR-H5 lugged into a power bank.

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