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Anker PowerCore 26800 mAh Time-Lapse Test | How Long Will It Last



I have been using the Anker 26800 mAh power bank for a while now and have been really impressed by the amount of power it can hold. No mater if I am out doing photography, hiking or shooting time-lapses I never leave home with out it. For the amount of power it can store it still has a reasonably small footprint and can be easily packed in your camera bag or backpack.

Anker PowerCore 26800 Power Bank TimeLapse Test

How long will the Anker PowerCore 26800 mAh power bank last when doing a GoPro time-lapse? This is a question I have been asked many time and until now I was only guessing. I have done many 8 to 10 hour time-lapses using this incredible power bank but never pushed it to see how long it could actually go. I decided to film a time-lapse of some sunflower seedlings growing and just let it run until the power bank was empty to see just how long it would last. For this test I used my GoPro Hero 5 Black and the Anker PowerCore 26800 mAh power bank. I connected the power bank to my Hero 5 black via a 6 foot Anker USB C cable. The Hero 5  internal battery was at about 80% charge when I started. All services were enabled on the GoPro such as GPS and WiFi. I had my GoPro set to capture a frame every 30 seconds.

I started the time-lapse at 7:00 A.M. in the morning and when I checked on it 15 hours later the charge indicator on the Anker power bank had only gone down by one bar. At this point it had already acceded my expectations. I let the timelapse continue throughout the night and when I check on it in the morning (24 hours in) the power indicator had only dropped by 2 bars (out of 4). I let the time-lapse continue throughout the 2nd day and the Anker power bank finally ran out of juice that evening around 10 P.M. So my test showed that the Anker PowerCore 26,800 mAh power bank could perform a 39 hour time-lapse non stop. At this point the GoPro battery now had a power level of 100% so I could have pushed the timelapse another hour or two.

This power bank is definitely an essential tool to any GoPro time-lapse creator especially those wanting to shoot long overnight night-lapses. Another thing to note is the LCD screen on my Hero 5 Black stayed on during the whole 39 hour time-lapse at 100% brightness. This is important to know as the LCD screen draws a significant amount of power, this makes the 39 hours of run time even more impressive.

Things To Consider: Keep in mind I was shooting at an interval of 30 seconds, If you shoot at a lower interval rate say 5 seconds it will use more power. If you are shooting a night-lapse again it will draw more power as the shutter on the Hero 5 is open longer and is usually shooting at a continuous interval. However with these results you know you will have more than enough power to film all night from sunset to sun rise.

Equipment Used In This Test.

Anker PowerCore 26800 Power Bank:
Anker 6′ USB C Cable:
GoPro Hero 5 Black:
MeFoto Tripod:


Watch the video of this Anker power bank time-lapse test.

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iSteady Pro Gimbal Review | Budget GoPro Gimbal For Under $100



In this review we are taking a closer look at the iSteady Pro, a budget GoPro gimbal that you can pick up for under $100. Before I even get into the review of this new gimbal by Hohem, I want to point out how nice it is to see more competition of GoPro gimbals popping up on the market. Competition fuels innovation and improvements and not to mention forces more competitive pricing. We seen this happen with smart phone gimbals. A few years back DJI release the Osmo Mobile with a price tag of $299. Soon afterwards we seen third-party gimbals launching with prices as low as $99. This caused DJI to lower its price when they launched the Osmo Mobile 2 earlier this year to $129.99.

The Hohem iSteady pro is a simplistic GoPro gimbal that comes packaged in a nice case and even includes a mini tripod for those times when you want your gimbal resting on a suitable surface to create time-lapses. Also included with the kit is a micro USB cable for charging up the unit. I found the gimbal to be very comfortable to hold with its molded hand grip. It is a nice compact gimbal and very light to hold. First impression are good, it is a little plasticky but what do you expect from a $99 gimbal. All in all it does look to be well constructed and even includes a joystick for nice smooth movements.

The Good: The handle features a full-sized USB slot that can act as a power bank to charge any device that can be charged via USB. It also has a micro USB port near the camera mount that can be used to charge your GoPro while using the gimbal. Now this only works for cameras that you mount where the battery door is not blocked by the motor. I found the footage I shot with the iSteady Pro to be quite smooth and was pleasantly surprised. Like all gimbals there is some slight motor vibration noise, however I did find it to be of an acceptable level. Hohem has a nice little app for the iSteady pro that allows you to control the gimbal remotely and make some adjustments to how the gimbal behaves when in use. A very basic app but a nice touch for the price.

The Bad: I did find the gimbal handle would knock the camera on occasion when doing extreme moves/angles, so you have to pay attention to the angle at all times. I also found the horizon a little tilted when doing fast panning, it would correct it self but could be annoying to some film makers while other may like the fluid more natural motion.

All in all I found this to be a nice little gimbal for the price. If you’re looking for a low-cost gimbal you might just want take a look at the Hohem iSteady pro, I am sure you will be satisfied with the purchase. Watch our full in-depth review on YouTube.

iSteady Pro (USA)
iSteady Pro (CAN)



Hohem iSteady Pro packaging.

Hohem iSteady Pro includes a nice case for transporting and protecting your gimbal.


The Hohem iSteady Pro includes a micro USB cable for charging and a small mini tripod.


Hohem iSteady Pro.


The iSteady Pro has nice simple controls including a joystick.


Hohem has a nice app to allow you to control and adjust settings of the iSteady Pro.

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New Updated GoPro Seeker Backpack



A few weeks ago GoPro quietly updated the GoPro seeker backpack with a few small changes. The first change is they have made the back pack slightly larger and increased its capacity from a 16 liters to a 18 liters. Upon visual inspection this did not significantly increase the overall size of the backpack. When doing a side by side comparison it’s very difficult to see any size changes. The other feature that have added is a new laptop sleeve located in the back compartment beside the water bladder compartment that is now capable of holding a 15″ laptop. This was one complaint that many had with the original GoPro seeker and has now been addressed.

Another nice thing is that GoPro has dropped the price of the seeker backpack. For a long time the seeker backpack retailed at $169.99 U.S however the new price of the updated GoPro seeker backpack is $149 U.S. You can still purchase the original seeker backpack on amazon for under $120. The big question is … is it worth the upgrade if you already own the original GoPro Seeker Backpack. Personally I would have to say no, to me the changes are not significant enough to justify the cost. However if you are looking to get a new backpack, now is the time with the new low-cost and updated model. The seeker is a high quality GoPro backpack that is super comfortable to wear for long periods of time and can hold of ton of gear. I highly recommend it.

Updated Seeker Backpack:
Old Seeker Backpack:


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