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GoPro Hero 6 Black Review



Before I review a major product like the GoPro Hero 6 Black I like to spend a lot of time using it how I would normally use it in real world situations. I think a review sooner than that would only be a “First Impressions” review. So the Hero 6 Black had been out for 30 days when we created our YouTube review and in short I love it. I think even though they introduced more major new features with the Hero 5, the Hero 6 Black was more exciting. Here is our YouTube Review.

Hero 6 Black (USA)

Hero 6 Black (CAN)



So almost another 2 months has passed since I made my initial review of the hero 6 Black and my love of the new GoPro has grown even stronger. It is very funny however how there seems to be so many mixed opinions on the Hero 6 Black, more than I can recall for any other GoPro that has been released.

There were some initial firmware issues that were causing some cameras to not function correctly ,but most of those issues have been cleared up in recent firmware updates. I personally have had no issues with my cameras and I currently own 2. One of the updates corrected the over saturation of color in some instances that some had complained about.

Personally I don’t feel the video is over-saturated. I think it is perfect for capturing great video that is ready to share without having to do a lot of color correcting, for those that do not like the current color profile, can easily set the color to flat in pro-tune and do their own post-work editing to suit their specific taste. The quality of video output is fantastic, crisp and vivid video, beautiful photos all in a tiny little camera. The addition of true HDR photos is a very welcome feature. With HDR enabled you can get beautiful Dynamic range in all of your photos. Speaking of dynamic range, as you can see in my video samples, the capabilities of the dynamic range on the Hero 6 Black is leaps ahead of the Hero 5 Black.

The stabilization is next level! Although not in all situations, the Hero 6 Black can almost mimic being mounted on a gimbal. Software stabilization will never replace the look of a gimbal but with the Hero 6 Black it is pretty close. The new stabilization opens up so many possibilities, there are just some instances where you can not use a gimbal but now that is no longer an issue. You can have beautifully stabilized footage in the water and doing activities that you just can not use a gimbal.

My one major dislike with the Hero 6 black is the inability to stream all formats and frame rates via the GoPro app. Now when you are filming the GoPro app will not give you a live feed for all resolutions, this is a real annoyance for those who need to use a smart phone or tablet as a monitor. I don’t know if that can be updated later on or if it’s just a limitation of smart phone capabilities and the new file formats.

Personally between the new stabilization and dynamic range those two features alone makes it worth the upgrade. Now of course I am not to happy of the $100 price jump and I really think it was unnecessary. Hopefully this does not become a new trend or it wont be long before GoPro prices themselves out of the market. Who wants to spend that kind of money on an action camera when most smart phones do an amazing job with videos and photos and are only getting better year after year.

Hero 6 Black (USA)

Hero 6 Black (CAN)



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The Complete Beginners Guide for the GoPro Hero (2018) | How To Get Started



If you are a brand new owner of the new GoPro Hero 2018 or plan on getting one soon. Perhaps this is your very first GoPro and you are finding yourself a little overwhelmed on how to get started as GoPro includes very little documentation in the box. I have put together this very detail beginners guide for the GoPro Hero 2018 to help those who are new to get up and running quickly. This easy to follow beginners guide will help you understand the menu system and the different shooting modes. The new Hero 2018 is a great camera for beginners as it has a simplified menu with basic shooting modes. Watch our beginners guide for the new GoPro Hero (2018) on our YouTube Channel or below in our embedded video.

Our GoPro Hero Beginners Guide covers the following topics:

  • Unpacking the camera.
  • Installing the battery and memory card.
  • How to charge your GoPro Hero 2018.
  • Understanding the mounting system for GoPro’s.
  • Powering on for the first time and initial setup.
  • A look at the menu system and various shooting modes.
  • Basic settings for shooting video.
  • How to record video.
  • How to take pictures.
  • How to shoot bursts.
  • How to record a time-Lapse.
  • How to use the GoPro voice commands.
  • How to use quick capture.
  • GoPro gear for beginners.

Best Memory Card for the new GoPro Hero 2018

There are many types and sizes of memory cards on the market that will work with the new GoPro Hero 2018 but to keep things simple I recommend the Lexar 633x it is a great memory card at a decent price and I have always had good luck with them.  You can choose how much storage you would like the most common is 32 GB or 64 GB. This determines how many photos and videos can be stored on the camera.

Lexar 32 GB Memory Card (USA)
Lexar 32 GB Memory Card (CAN)

Lexar 64 GB Memory Card (USA)
Lexar 64 GB Memory Card (CAN)

If you are a first time GoPro owner I have put together a list of GoPro gear that I think every first time GoPro owner should have in their camera kit.

GoPro Hero 2018 (USA)
GoPro Hero 2018 (CAN)

GoPro Camera Case (USA)
GoPro Camera Case (CAN)

GoPro Shorty (USA)
GoPro Shorty (CAN)

GoPro Floating Handle (USA)
GoPro Floating Handle (CAN)

GoPro Dual Charger (USA)
GoPro Dual Charger (CAN)

Manfrotto Extension Pole (USA)
Manfrotto Extension Pole (CAN)

RAVPower Power Bank (USA)
RAVPower Power Bank (CAN)

GoPro Handlebar Mount (USA)
GoPro Handlebar Mount (CAN)

Don’t hesitate to ask question via any of my social media channels or right here on my blog!

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Must Have $10 Upgrade For Your GoPro



If you own a GoPro this is a very inexpensive must have upgrade that everyone needs. One annoyance that I have had with my GoPro is having to remove it from the frame every time I want to charge it or plug in a microphone. With this 3rd party GoPro frame you can open and remove the charging door on your GoPro without having to remove it from the frame, saving a lot of time and aggravation. This frame also seems to be a better build quality than the stock frames, it has a nice rubberized coating. This is such a simple little fix, I wonder why GoPro has not implemented it yet on their official frames. Because they all have the same form factor this 3rd party frame is compatible with the Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black and the new GoPro Hero (2018).

GoPro Upgraded Frame:


This 3rd Party frame allows easy access to the GoPro charging door.


You can see the difference in the cutout. Stock GoPro frame on the right and 3rd party frame on the left.


Charging door can easily be opened and removed without having to remove the camera from the frame.


Allows you to easily charge your GoPro or plug in a microphone.

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