DJI Avata Drone Coming Soon – Latest Leaks and Rumors

DJI’s latest drone the “Avata” should be coming soon. Over the last week, we have seen many new leaks and rumors emerging as well as new FCC filings which usually means we are just weeks away from the release. The DJI Avata is DJI’s most recent FPV drone and is accompanied by a new set of goggles simply called the “Goggles 2”. There will also be a new Air Unit for those who like to build their own FPV drones. Similar to the original DJI FPV drone, the new Avata will most likely be geared to Mavic pilots who want a simple all-in-one solution that is easy to fly with all of DJI’s safety features. We also discuss the possible rumored release date as well as what I think the price will be.

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