DJI Smart Controller Silicone Sleeve and Sunshade

In this video review, we are taking a closer look at a silicone sleeve for the DJI Smart Controller that also has a built-in sunshade. If you like the idea of having a silicone sleeve to protect your smart controller but don’t want the sunshade, they sell a version like that as well. This is the second sunshade I have reviewed for the Smart Controller, the first being one by PGYTech. Although it was a nice sunshade with a nice quality build, it would not work for some due to the fact that when using the sunshade you could not connect a lanyard because the threaded holes at the bottom are used to connect the sunshade.

With this silicone sunshade and sleeve, you are still able to attach a lanyard on the bottom as demonstrated in my video, both a 2 point lanyard and the single point lanyard bracket from GPC cases. The silicone body of the case also gives the body of the smart controller some extra protection as well. All in all a nice little accessory for your DJI Smart Controller, paired with a glass screen protected you have the ultimate protection for your expensive investment.

Silicone Sleeve & SunShade:
Silicone Sleeve:
Glass Screen Protector:
GPC Single Point Lanyard:
DJI Smart Controller:

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