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New GoPro Accessories Announced | El Grande Pole and Karma Grip Extension



GoPro has recently announced the launch of two new official accessories both of which will be released and available for purchase from the GoPro online store this Sunday, April 9, 2017.

El Grande Extension Pole

The first accessory is a traditional extension pole and really I am quite surprised that GoPro has waited so long to release a GoPro branded extension pole. The GoPro El Grande is built from strong lightweight aluminum and in its¬†collapsed form has a length of 15″ and can extend to a length of 38″. It has a twist lock design to release the extensions and a large oversized handle to help you maintain a good grip on the unit. Like most extension poles it has a wrist strap on the bottom to prevent you from losing the pole if you accidentally drop it. The unit is waterproof and has a nice ball head on the end allowing you 360-degree movement when setting the GoPro to the desired angle.

What I like most about GoPro’s new El Grande Extension Pole is that they have incorporated their buckle mount system on the end allowing you to mount and remove your GoPro quickly as needed. The El Grande Extension Pole is Priced at $59.99 U.S. a little high if you ask me, but with that said at least we know we will be getting a good quality pole as official GoPro accessories always have a very high-quality build.

Now it makes sense why GoPro late last year were targeting small companies who made GoPro poles and had similar sounding names, they were planning the release of their own branded GoPro pole and didn’t want to confuse the consumers.

GoPro has made a promotional video for the El Grande Extension Pole.


Karma Grip Extension Cable

The second item that is being released is an extension cable for the Karma Grip hand-held stabilizer from GoPro, What this cable does is allow you to mount the stabilizer and the grip separately. This can be convenient especially when mounting the Karma Grip on a helmet or backpack. The cable extends up to 35 inches allowing you many flexible mounting options. This is a very useful Karma Grip accessory, however, the bad news is it costs $99.99 U.S.

A promotion clip from GoPro featuring the Karma Grip Extension Cable.


It’s going to be an exciting year for GoPro and I am really looking forward to seeing all the new releases this year including the GoPro Hero 6.