New Leaks Of The DJI Phantom 5

Some new leaked photos of the forthcoming Phantom 5 from DJI surfaced this week. In these leaks, it once again shows a removable camera and shell that is of a black finish. One curious observation is that there seem to be no upward facing sensors. The Mavic 2 Series launched 3 weeks ago and even they had an upward facing sensor. This could very well be just a prototype for testing purposes. Now the big question is when will we see the DJI Phantom 5 released. Personally myself I don’t think it will be until spring 2019 but many believe we will see it this year before the holiday season. I also feel this will be the last Phantom series we will see before DJI retires it permanently. With the Mavic 2 Pro and its powerful new camera, it could easily fill the spot with a version 3 release, plus have the benefit of folding up for travel.

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