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New Smart Folio and USB-C Accessories For iPad Pro 2018



In this video, we are just unboxing the new Smart Folio for the new 12.9″ iPad Pro 2018 that was announced on October 30th at an Apple event in Brooklyn NY. The new 2018 iPads will be available November 7th in Apple stores. For those who pre-ordered they will be delivered starting on November 7th as well. In this video, we also take a look at some of the new USB-C accessories that are also now available. The new 2018 iPad Pro now has a USB-C port instead of a lighting port. Apple has made available a new USB-C card reader dongle, USB-C to HDMI dongle, USB-C to Lightning for connecting your iPhone to the new iPad as well as a USB-C to audio jack as the new iPad Pro 2018 no longer has a headphone jack.

iPad Pro 2018 USB-C to Lightning.


iPad Pro 2018 12.9″ Smart Folio.


iPad Pro 2018 USB-C to Card Reader.


iPad Pro 2018 USB-C to headphone jack.