DJI Air 2S Long-Term Review | After 6 Months of Flights

I have flown and reviewed many drones over the past decade, but I would have to say without a doubt the DJI Air 2S is probably my all-time favorite drone.  The newly upgraded camera with a 1″ sensor is really good and allows you to capture stunning detail in low light and complex lighting environments. They also upgraded the transmission system to Ocusync 3.0 which allows for 12 km of range. Now I never foresee myself flying that far, but the powerful Ocusync 3 allows for a nice solid and reliable connection even in congested WiFi areas and places with lots of interference. The new MasterShots and the tools built into DJI’s FucusTrack really make it easy to capture cinematic and dynamic footage even for beginners. To get really interesting shots it can take a lot of time and practice to get the movements of the sticks and drone just right, but DJI makes it easy for beginners to film great content without a lot of flight time. The DJI Air 2S is full of safety features such as AirSense, obstacle avoidance, and smart return to home. The DJI Air 2S in my opinion is the perfect drone for those who are looking to purchase their very first drone or even a seasoned pilot who is just looking to upgrade their older equipment.

DJI Air 2S (Amazon)

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