DJI Mavic Mini Extreme Wind Test | Can It Fly In High Winds

The Mavic Mini is proving to be one amazing capable little drone as evident in our latest test. The Mavic Mini was engineered to be ultra-light and weigh under 250 grams as not to require registration in many countries. Shaving off all the extra weight however, sometimes comes at a price. DJI had to use different materials and leave some features out to keep it under 250g. It makes one wonder as well if the motors are maybe not as powerful as they could be in order to save some weight. Being ultra-light can make a drone perform very poorly in the wind as gust can toss it around very easily.

In this video, we take the DJI Mavic Mini out for a flight on a fairly windy day to see just how it performed and the results really impressed me. I flew the Mavic Mini in winds of 45 km/h with gust up to 55 km/h so it was definitely a good test. Amazingly the little Mavic Mini held its own quite well and was still able to produce nice smooth video footage. At one point during my test flight, I had to switch into sport mode so it could fight the wind when flying.

Watch our Mavic Mini extreme wind test video.

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