DJI Mavic Mini Versus DJI Spark Comparison | Which One Is Right For You

In this video, we are doing a feature comparison of the new DJI Mavic Mini against the DJI Spark. Even though the DJI Spark is roughly 2 years only it is still a very relevant and capable drone even in today’s market. You may be in the market for a low-cost entry-level drone and are not sure which one is the better buy or perhaps you own the Spark and are wondering if the Mavic Mini is a worthwhile upgrade. I have put together this video going over all the pros and cons of each drone and we compare all of the features as well.

  1. The first thing to consider is weight. One of the selling points of the DJI Mavic Mini is that it only weighs 249g which means in many countries you do not have to register it with the government and in many countries such as in Canada you do not have to get a license to fly it. This is very important to some and not so important to others. The Spark weight is over 250 grams so it will need to be registered in many countries and in Canada, that means you would need to pass a basic exam to fly it or face large fines.
  2. Another thing to consider is the Spark is no longer officially manufactured or sold by DJI. You can still purchase it on Amazon and at other online retailers, even some brick and mortar stores still have available stock. Moving forward they may be difficult to find, not to mention spare batteries and accessories could be in short supply down the road. The Mavic Mini is new so parts will be available for a long time going forward.
  3. The Mavic Mini is a little cheaper. The regular price of the DJI Spark is about $100 more than the DJI Mavic Mini. This is definitely something that you should keep in mind.
  4.  The DJI Mavic Mini is rated at a 30 minute flight time per battery compared to that of the Spark which has a flight time rating of 16 minutes. In real-world scenarios, you can take several minutes off of each one but that is a huge upgrade over the Spark
  5. The spark has basic obstacle avoidance sensors on the front which is a great feature for new pilots, the DJI Mavic Mini has no obstacle avoidance at all.
  6. The Spark is also capable of hand gestures, you can maneuver and control the drone with some simple motions. For me, this is gimmicky and not really a feature that many people use. You always get the best use and control of your drone with a controller.
  7. The Spark has “Follow Me” features built into the drone. This is a very useful feature for many when you want to get footage of your activities. The Mavic Mini at this point does not have a follow-me feature.
  8. The Mavic Mini uses a new app called “DJI Fly” this is a really stripped-down version of the DJI Go 4 app that the Spark uses. This can be both a positive and a negative depending on the user. The striped down app makes it easy for new pilots to fly without getting overwhelmed with settings and controls. However, the app can be limiting as your skills and needs progress.
  9. The Mavic Mini features a 2.7k camera while the spark only has a camera capable of 1080p HD. This is a really big upgrade over the Spark and will be a deciding factor for many.
  10. The Mavic Mini, in my opinion, has a more stable connection from the drone to the controller. I have flown both drones extensively and I personally find the Mavic Mini to be more reliable when it comes to connection and the live feed that is transmitted back. My Spark would get disconnected frequently, but my Mavic Mini so far has been fairly solid especially when flying a good distance away. The Mavic Mini has a higher distance rating as well, it is rated at 4KM while the Spark is only rated at 2KM
  11. The Mavic Mini has a 3 axis gimbal while the DJI Spark only has a 2 axis gimbal. The DJI Spark footage is quite stable however when flying at full speed or in turbulent winds the video can get a little jerky. The 3 axis gimbal of the DJI Mavic Mini produces buttery smooth video even when flying is strong winds or at fast speeds.
  12. You can fly the DJI Spark with just your phone, no controller is needed. This is great when packing ultra-light and you don’t want to pack the controller. There is no option to fly the Mavic Mini with just your phone.

You can watch our video to get a full comparison of all the features. I would not really say one is better than the other they both have the advantages and disadvantages and at the end of the day are excellent drones No matter which one you choose you will be extremely pleased with it. For myself, if I had to choose one It would be the Mavic Mini. The 2.7k camera, 30 minutes flight time and 3 axis gimbal are what gives it the edge.

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