DJI Mini 2 First Flight & First Impressions

I really find it fascinating how far drones have advanced even from only 5 years ago, and when we look at DJI’s latest drone the DJI Mini 2 it really is incredible that this tiny sub-250-gram drone can capture 4K video and have a flight distance of 10 km with Ocusync 2.0. It was just over a year ago that DJI introduced the original Mavic Mini and for many, it was the perfect drone. Small, easy to fly, and in many countries including Canada and the United States because it weighed under 250 g it did not need to be registered with the FAA or Transport Canada. The limitations of the original Mavic Mini is that it only captured video in 2.7K and it had a WIFI-based connection with the controller which meant it was susceptible to interference in heavily congested WiFi areas and the range was limited.

Fast forward one year and DJI has surprised up with the Mini 2 and really for most people, it is all the drone they need. Whether your a new pilot just learning to fly or a seasoned pilot and just looking for a small portable drone for travel the Mini 2 is powerful in both its performance and the quality of the content it can capture.

I own every consumer drone that DJI sells and I must say flying the Mavic Mini feels no different, when you have it up in the air is like your flying one of the higher-end drones, because it performs that well. The DJI Mini 2 has more powerful motors and can now handle windy days a little easier compared to the original. Pair that with Ocusync 2.o and you now have a small drone that is capable of handling most environments and is a pleasure to fly.

In the video below I take the DJI Mini 2 out for my very first flight and it was a great experience, the video quality looked great, the connection to the drone remained solid even when flying in the city with WiFI signals all around…just overall a great experience. If your looking for your first drone or a small drone for travel, the DJI Mini 2 by far is your best choice, there is nothing else on the market that even comes close. Watch my first flight below.

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