DJI Osmo Pocket Silicone Sleeve and Lanyard

The DJI Osmo Pocket is truly an amazing camera, however, one small complaint I do have is that there is no easy way to connect a wrist strap or lanyard to it. For the most part and for everyday use this is really a non-issue. However, there are those circumstances sometimes where you want the extra security of lanyard or wrist strap. For example, if your zip-lining or on a rollercoaster while holding your Osmo Pocket, dropping it could be disastrous. I recently picked up a silicone sleeve and lanyard kit for the Osmo Pocket from Amazon, it was fairly inexpensive and seemed like it would work for those types of situations.

Installation is pretty straight forward and it fits nicely, once the lanyard is attached you are able to secure the Osmo Pocket nicely or perhaps you just want to hang it around your neck for easy access, it works great for both of these situations. There are some drawbacks however that should be considered. When installed in the silicone sleeve many of the Osmo Pocket accessories will no longer work. The Osmo Pocket will no longer fit in the case, nor will the scroll wheel lock into place. The wireless module cannot be used when the Osmo pocket is fitted in the sleeve, however, you are still able to plug the DJI Osmo Pocket directly into your smartphone. The other thing that could be a problem is overheating, the DJI Osmo Pocket tends to run warm and having it inside the silicone sleeve could potentially cause overheating on really warm days. I ran a test recording at 4K 60 for 25 minutes and I did not run into any problems. This test was done indoors, but outside on a 30 degree (Celsius) day could produce different results. It’s still winter in Canada so I cannot test that at the moment.

This sleeve may not be an accessory that you want to use on a daily basis but definitely, if you are getting some riskier shots it would be worthwhile to pick up even for those situations alone.

You can watch my video review below.

Silicone Sleeve & Lanyard (USA)
Silicone Sleeve & Lanyard (CAN)