DJI RC Pro Unboxing and Overview

In this video, we are unboxing and taking a closer look at the new DJI RC pro that comes bundled in with the Cine version of the Mavic 3. You can also buy this new controller separately as it is compatible with any version of the Mavic 3. This is an upgraded controller and offers a superior flight experience. It has a built-in 1000 nit screen making it easy to see and view what you are filming on bright sunny days. Using a phone mounted in a standard controller can sometimes be difficult to see the screen as the brightness is typically quite dim. It’s also quick and easy to deploy, as you don’t have to connect any cables or mount a smartphone. Currently, the DJI RC Pro is only compatible with the DJI Mavic 3 series but we could possibly see backward compatibility with older drones via a firmware update. This has not been confirmed by DJI but many are hopeful. Going forward it should be compatible with future released drones that feature the 03/03+ transmission system.


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