GoPro Hero 8 Black Beginners Guide | Getting Started With The Hero 8

Every year when GoPro releases a new camera I like to create a beginner’s guide to help new users get the most out of their new camera. This year GoPro introduced the Hero 8 Black and so I have been hard at work creating an updated beginner guide for the Hero 8 Black that is detailed and thorough. This Beginners Guide is designed for those who have never used a GoPro before, we go over every step from taking it out of the box all the way to capturing your first video…and everything in between. As GoPro’s advance there are more and more people using them as an everyday camera and for travel due to it being waterproof and extremely durable. Our video tutorial and beginners guide teaches you how to get started with your Hero 8 Black.

In this beginners guide we go over some of the following topics:

  • Unpackaging The Hero 8 Black
  • Hero 8 Black Mounts
  • Best Memory For Hero 8 Black
  • How To Install Memory & Battery
  • How To Charging The Hero 8 Black
  • How To Pair The GoPro App To The Hero 8
  • Initial Setup Of Hero 8 Black
  • Menu Walkthrough Of Hero 8 Black
  • Basic Settings Overview
  • How To Record/Capture Photos
  • Voice Commands For The Hero 8 Black
  • QuickCapture
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Must-Have Gear For Hero 8 Black

If you are a new GoPro user, we hope you find our beginner’s guide helpful.  Stay tuned as I will be making more beginner style videos for the Hero 8 Black including tips, editing and offloading your content

Hero 8 Black:

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