Dear GoPro, Bring Back The Session

This is just a fun little video I made a few weeks back titled “Dear GoPro, Bring Back The Session”. The session to me was one of my favorite GoPro cameras of all time. Now it did have some shortcomings but overall it was a pleasure to use. I was quite disappointed when GoPro launched the Hero 6 line up and no new updated session was announced. This was due to the fact that GoPro had decided to discontinue the session line. GoPro launched the original session around the time that the Hero 4 was the latest flagship. It had a radicle new design, it was small and compact, had a rugged build, and the very first GoPro camera to be waterproof without any sort of housing. This new design was carried over to the following year when they launched the Hero 5 Black and the new updated Hero 5 Session. The Hero 5 Black took many design cues and of the session and was the first flagship camera that was waterproof right out of the box with no housing.

It’s not hard to figure out that sales of the Session must not have been all that great after all GoPro would not discontinue a product with good sales. I think that this was due to poor battery life which was built in and could not be replaced. With only a small screen it was not an easy camera to operate and could be frustrating when trying to adjust setting quickly on the fly, not to mention there really was no stabilization built into the camera which translated to shaky footage.

Now consider this, with all the advancements that GoPro has made in the last few generations of GoPro’s if they relaunched a new Session camera with HyperSmooth stabilization and a small touch screen on the back similar to that of the Osmo Pocket I think GoPro would have a real winner on their hands, but that’s just my thoughts.

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