GoPro Hero 6 Black Drive-Lapse Interval Comparison

Last year I made a video comparing different intervals when creating a drive-lapse (Driving Timelapse) with the Hero 5 Black. I decided to make an updated video using the Hero 6 Black as it is summer time and there are going to be many hitting the roads and adventuring this summer. This is a good resource to see how different intervals affect the look of your finished drive-lapse. In the test video, I used intervals of .5 second, 1 second, 2 second and 5 seconds. You will notice in the video that the .5 second and 1-second intervals are most appealing and pleasing to the eye. The 2 second and 5-second intervals can look a bit jumpy.

With that said, there is definitely some uses for the higher intervals. For example, if you are going on a long road trip and want to time-lapse it, using a low interval will leave you with a very long video when you’re done. A 5-second interval will leave you with a much more dramatic video that is shorter and won’t bore your viewers.

Filmed on a GoPro Hero 6 Black:


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