Double Hand Grip for GoPro and Smartphone

Here is a nice hand grip for your GoPro Hero 5 Session or Hero 5 black. This grip mount is perfect if you want a visual feed when filming with You GoPro Hero session that doesn’t have a built-in screen. This grip allows you to mount your Hero Session on the front and a mount for your smartphone on the back. Using this configuration allows you to have your smartphone connected to your GoPro Hero Session and get a visual feed via the GoPro Capture App.

I found this to have a nice build quality, the handle has a rubber coating and with a nice ergonomic grip that is very comfortable to hold. With all the parts included in the box, it is easy to configure the hand grip to perform different tasks. You can use this grip to mount only a smartphone, it will really help keep your video nice and stable. You can remove the smartphone mount and attach the included tripod adaptor to use it more as a transitional hand grip for your Hero 5 session or Hero 5 Black.

This unit also works well if you want to do some visual recording with your Hero 5 Black but want to conserve battery. You can attach your smartphone and use the visual feed provided by the Capture app and not the screen on your GoPro. This gives you a larger viewing area and significantly saves your GoPro’s battery allowing you to shoot longer.

I find this to be one of those GoPro accessories that give you great value at a reasonable price.  I hope you found this video review helpful and informative. I will include some links if you want to check the product out further.

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This image shows the hand grip configured to mount a smartphone and a GoPro and also configured to be a traditional GoPro grip.

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