Rode VideoMic Me for iPhone and iPad | The Perfect Vlogging Microphone

If you would like to increase the audio quality of the videos you create with your iPhone or iPad you really need to check out this microphone by a company called Rode. It transforms your iPhone into the perfect vlogging setup. This by far is the best and easiest vlogging microphone for your iPhone. Watch my review video to see it in action with some audio samples.

More and more people are creating YouTube channels and vlogs and today with everyone having a smartphone in their pockets it’s quite easy to do. The iPhone is quite popular for vlogging and with its built-in editing apps, creating videos is quick and simple. Like the saying goes the best camera is the one you have with you. There is one problem, however, the microphone on the iPhone does not work the best for vlogging as the audio it records can be undesirable at times. No matter what environment your filming in there is always going to be a lot of unwanted ambient background noise. This can be quite distracting and irritating for your viewers.

If filming in a house you iPhone will pick up a lot of humming that can come from a furnace or fans running. If you’re filming outdoors, traffic and sounds of the city are always quite prominent. On top of that when you factor in wind, recording decent audio with your iPhone can be quite a challenge. There is a simple and affordable solution and its the Rode VideoMic Me for the iPhone and iPad. This small little microphone just plugs into your iPhone audio jack and just works. You don’t have to install any software or change any settings, you can just plug it in and away you go. It’s small and compact and can be stored easily in your pocket.  The Rode VideoMic Me also comes with a furry wind cover so now you are able to capture beautiful clear audio even on windy days.

The Rode VideoMic Me is a shotgun style or directional microphone, what that means is that it only focuses on audio that you point the microphone at. This greatly reduces the amount of background noise that is picked up while filming. If you watch my review video above, I do some recording outdoors by a busy road and the VideoMic Me reduces the traffic noise to a point it’s no longer distracting and focuses on my commentary.

With your iPhone and a Rode VideoMic Me you now have the perfect YouTube vlogging camera in your pocket at all times.

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Rode VideoMic Me for iPhone and iPad. The best vlogging microphone for your iPhone.