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DJI Mavic Air 2

Unboxing The DJI Mavic Air



It has arrived. I have really been looking forward to getting my hands on DJI’s latest drone the Mavic Air. What has really drawn me to this drone is its size and how portable it is. I do a lot of photo hiking in the summer and space in my camera backpack is definitely at a premium. To be able to have a 4K drone that can capture stunning images and videos with taking up very little space is really amazing. When you go back a few years and think of the gear you needed to bring with you to capture this kind of aerial footage it’s just mind-blowing … the Mavic Air can fit in your pocket.

This is more just an unboxing video, I will be doing a full review later on with footage and comparisons. I will be also uploading a 60-second version of my unboxing for those that just want to see what comes in the package without all the commentary and fluff.

Mavic Air (DJI Website)
Mavic Air (Amazon)


Contents of the Mavic Air Fly More Combo Package Include:

  • Air Craft (Mavic Air)
  • Remote Control
  • 3 Intelligent Batteries
  • Charging Brick
  • Power Cable
  • 12 Propellers ( 3 complete sets)
  • Set of Propeller Guards
  • 3 RC Remote Cables (Lighting, USB-C, Micro USB –  Lighting is pre-installed)
  • Gimbal Cover
  • USB-C Communication Cable
  • 3 RC Cable Sliders for remote (one is pre-installed)
  • 2 Spark Control Sticks
  • Battery Charging Hub
  • Battery to Power Bank Connector
  • Carrying Case (Drone Only)
  • Mavic Air Travel Bag

Top view size comparison of the DJI Spark and the DJI Mavic Air.


There is an iPhone lighting cable pre-installed in the Mavic Air Remote. The kit also contains cables for other phones that can be swapped out.


Here is the charging hub for the DJI Mavic Air. Can charge 4 batteries one at a time.


Pictured is the new rear sensors on the DJI Mavic Air.


3 Complete sets of props come with the DJI Mavic Air fly more combo.


Contents of the DJI Mavic Air fly more combo kit.


The picture above is the new remote controller for the DJI Mavic Air.


The new 3 axis 4K gimbal and camera on the DJI Mavic Air now records video at 100 MBS.