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New FlowState Update For The Insta360 One



So Insta360 has done something incredible that has just turned the Insta360 One camera into a whole new device. Last week Insta360 released a new update for Insta360 One version 3.0 for the iPhone app and a new firmware update for the camera itself version 2.0. This update introduced a new stabilization technology that they call FlowState and it is just amazing. I have done many tests with the new update and I would almost go as far as to call it magic. Even with the camera moving quite dramatically the software was able to stabilize it and make it look nice and smooth.

The new Insta360 update also introduced new editing features such as pivot points and SmartTracking. With these new editing features, you are able to create smooth videos and re-position the view-point to any angle you so wish.. The points that are created on the timeline can be edited if you wish to make changes which is a very welcome feature. Once you have your points of interested selected you can export the video as a traditional 16×9 video. The smart tracking feature will keep a subject or object in the main viewing area even if the camera is moving. They have also added some new split screen views so you can get a feel of what is happening from both lenses.

This new technology is allowing photographers and cinematographers to capture footage and shots that were not even possible a year or two ago. The Insta360 one is a great alternative to the traditional action camera such as a GoPro. You don’t have to worry about lining up your shots and the footage is just as smooth or if not smother that if you have an action camera mounted in a mechanical gimbal. The real benefit is you can stabilize your shots doing activities that you just can’t use a gimbal. Try doing cartwheels with a gimbal…it just doesn’t work, now try it with the Insta360 One and be amazed. One area that really needs to be improved however is the resolution! Most 360 cameras don’t have the sharpest image but I am sure that will improve with time.

Insta360 One:

Accessories for the Insta360 One.

Extra Long Extension Pole:
Manfrotto Selfie Stick:
Water Proof Housing:

Here is our video review of the new Insta360 One FlowState software update with video samples.


A screenshot of the Insta360 One iPhone app feature FlowState stabilization and new PivotPoints.


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Editing Apps: Tips & Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Rush CC | Walk-Through and Thoughts



For the most part, Adobe is the leader when it comes to photo and video editing on a PC or laptop, however when it comes to mobile editing they have been dragging their heels allowing app’s like Affinity Photo and LumaFushion to dominate mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. With today’s powerful tablets such as the iPad Pro, it is now possible to meet all your editing needs on these mobile devices. Last year I made the switch from editing all my YouTube, Drone and GoPro videos from a laptop to an iPad Pro and I haven’t looked back. More and more people are making the switch and its about time that Adobe got into the mobile game.

A few months back Adobe announced a public beta of a new mobile editing app called Project Rush and was geared to YouTubers and mobile editors. I joined the beta program right away so I could get my hands on the new mobile editing app early and was quite impressed even early on in the beta testing. A few days ago Adobe finally launched this new mobile editing app with a new name called Adobe Premiere Rush CC, the CC refers to it being part of the creative cloud suite. Not only is this new mobile editing app compatible with iPhones and iPads, they even have a desktop version. This allows you to start editing on one device and finish on another.

Some notable features of Adobe Premiere CC is its capability of editing 4 tracks of video and 3 tracks of audio. This can be switched between a simple timeline and a multitrack editor. There are some really good tools for editing audio, but what I really like the most is its powerful titling tools. Adobe has included some really professional premade animated titles that look really good. All titles can be fully customized to suit any taste. Even though its early on I think that Adobe is headed in the right direction when it comes to usability and features. There is definitely some room for improvements when it comes to features as there is a huge gap between Adobe Premiere Pro and Rush. I am sure we will see that gap close as new features and updates are added over time. I do have to say I am really impressed with the interface of Rush, Adobe has done a great job at organizing the layout and it will seem very familiar for those who are accustom to Adobe products.

Now there are two big downfalls to Adobe Rush that will prevent me from even considering using it on a regular basis. The first is a lack of 4K exports. You can edit you 4K footage with no issues, but when it comes time to save the final video you can only export at a max resolution of 1080. This is ok for social media editing but there are those times you just want 4K. I hope to see this added in a future update. The second deal breaker for me is the fact that they are using a subscription model…I very much dislike renting software. Lumafusion has a one time fee of 20 dollars and you own it. With Adobe Premiere Rush you have to pay 10 bucks a month forever. Now it’s not all bad if you already have a Premiere Pro monthly plan, Rush is included in it and some other plans they have. However in the meantime, you can still download it to evaluate it for yourself, you are just limited to how many exports you can do until you subscribe to the monthly plan.

Watch our YouTube video where we do a complete in-depth walkthrough of Adobe Premiere Rush and go over all the features.


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Editing Apps: Tips & Tutorials

How To Color Grade Your GoPro Footage In LumaFusion



In this video tutorial, I show you how to easily color grade your GoPro footage both manually and with using GoPro Luts. When filming with a GoPro it does a really good job capturing stunning photos and video. The contrast and vibrancy of the content is good and ready to share. There are sometimes however you want to take your footage to the next level and do your own color grading.

If you decide to do your own color grading it is important to shoot in a flat color profile. GoPro offers two color profiles “GoPro Color” and “GoPro Flat. The flat profile basically has low contrast and low saturation thus allowing you to set your own levels in the grading room. You enable the flat color profile by enabling ProTune and selecting flat as the color option.

With today’s powerful software and tools such as LumaFusion and the iPad Pro series, it is now possible to do professional level editing on your mobile devices, this includes the use of Luts.  Watch our video tutorial showing you just how easy it is to color grade your GoPro footage in LumaFusion on your iPad Pro. I go step by step to get you up and editing in no time. I show you two different methods of color grading and color correcting, both manually and how to import an use GoPro specific Luts by PolarPro.

The equipment I use for mobile editing.

10.5 iPad Pro:
Apple Pencil:
Apple Card Reader:
Wireless Hard Drive:


Here is a screenshot sample of a video captured in GoPro Flat color profile and then after a GoPro Lut has been applied.

A 4K video sample of GoPro footage shot using the GoPro Flat color profile ProTune.


Now here is a sample of a 4K video after a GoPro Lut was applied to the footage in LumaFusion.


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