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2017 GoPro Holiday Gift Guide | Must Have GoPro Mounts and Accessories



The holiday season is fast approaching and we have just made our GoPro holiday gift guide 2017 edition featuring all the hottest and “must have” GoPro mounts and accessories for the GoPrographer on your Christmas list this year.

Here is a list of the GoPro gift ideas featured in our video.

Hero 6 Black:
Hero 5 Black:
Hero 5 Session:
Karma Grip:
Karma Drone:
Sandisk Extreme 64 GB Memory:
GoPro El Grande Extension Pole:
GoPro “Shorty” Mini Extension:
GoPro Handler Floating Grip:
Hero 5/6 Black Dual Charger:
Hero 5/6 Battery:
GoPro Power Bank
Anker Power Bank (10,000 mAh)
Anker Power Bank (20,000 mAh)
Anker Fusion Powerbank/Charger:
GoPro Remo Remote:
GoPro Smart Remote:
GoPro “The Tool”
Multi Charger Cable:
Freewell Gear Triple Charger:
Freewell Gear ND 1000:
Freewell Gear ND Filters:
Polar Pro Macro Lens:
PolarPro Cinema Series ND Filter:
Flow Mow Pan Head:
VidPro Motorized Pan Head:
Bodhi Floaty:
GoPro Back Door Floaty:
Hero 5/6 Black Leather Case:
Aluminum Case for Hero 5/6:
GoPro Bike Mount:
GoPro Ball Joint Buckle:
GoPro Quik Key:
Joby Gorilla Pod Zoom:
Neewer Mini Tripod:
Feiyu Tech G5 Gimbal:
Feiyu Tech WG2 Gimbal:
Lume Cube Single:
Lume Cube GoPro Kit:
Lume Cube Karma Drone Mounts:
Seeker Backpack:
Anker Solar Charger:
Leather Case for Hero 5/6: