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2017 GoPro Year in Review



I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I want to wish everyone the best in 2018. Here is a video looking back at all the fantastic products introduced and released by GoPro in 2017. It was a year full of amazing products, not only new cameras but GoPro ventured into new markets such as 360 and their very own Karma Drone. Now technically the Karma Drone was originally released in 2016 but it was recalled shortly thereafter and was relaunched in early 2017.

I am really curious to see what new products GoPro will bring us in 2018. Possibly a new Karma 2 drone, with collision avoidance sensors, bigger battery and possibly a smaller form factor. We should see a new camera if history repeats itself as GoPro tends to release a new camera every year. It may just be a new version of the Hero 6 Black or it could be a brand new Hero 7 Black. Since we didn’t see a new Hero Session camera added in this year’s launch perhaps we will see a new Hero 7 Session in 2018’s lineup of GoPro cameras.

I want to thank everyone for a great year on my YouTube channel we have seen quite a bit of growth in 2017 and have had the pleasure of communicating with many great subscribers over the past year. See you in 2018 with all new un-boxings, tutorials, and reviews. Happy New Year!!!



A list of GoPro products released in 2017

Karma Drone (USA)
Karma Drone (CAN)

Karma Grip (USA)
Karma Grip (CAN)

El Grande Extension Pole (USA)
El Grande Extension Pole (CAN)

Karma Extension Cable (USA)
Karma Extension Cable (CAN)

GoPro Hero 6 Black (USA)
GoPro Hero 6 Black (CAN)

GoPro Shorty Mini Extension (USA)
GoPro Shorty Mini Extension (CAN)

The Handler Updated (USA)
The Handler Updated (CAN)

GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty (USA)
GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty (CAN)

GoPro Fusion –

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GoPro Gear / Accessories

Tips & Tricks For The GoPro Hero 7 Black



Every year I put together a tips and tricks video for the current generation of GoPro Cameras as a way to help new users get the most out of their GoPro. Some of these tips are similar to the older GoPro”s but there are some new tips that are unique for the Hero 7 Black. Some of the tips include:

  • Removing Protective Lens Cover
  • Removing Battery Door
  • Front LCD Navigation
  • Charing/Using With Power Banks
  • ISO Settings for Time-Lapses
  • Flat Colour Profile
  • Disabling LED’s & Beeps
  • Playback Footage In SlowMotion
  • Battery Saving Tips

Watch our YouTube tips and tricks video for the GoPro Hero 7 Black.

Buy GoPro Hero 7 Black:


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GoPro Gear / Accessories

Hero 7 Black Beginners Guide | How To Get Started



Every year when GoPro releases a new generation camera we always create a beginners guide to help those who are brand new and have or will be purchasing their very first GoPro. In September GoPro introduced the new GoPro Hero 7 Black and so we have created a newly updated beginners guide just for it. This beginners guide is created for those who have no experience and have never used a GoPro. In this beginners guide, we cover such topics including:

  • Unpacking your new GoPro Hero 7 Black.
  • How to mount your GoPro Hero 7 Black.
  • Install the battery in the Hero 7 Black.
  • How to charge the GoPro Hero 7 Black.
  • Best memory for the Hero 7 Black.
  • Powering on and setup of the Hero 7 Black.
  • Connecting the Hero 7 Black to the GoPro Quick app.
  • Shooting modes on the Hero 7 Black.
  • Menu tour of the Hero 7 Black.
  • Voice commands for the Hero 7 Black
  • How to use quick capture.
  • Essential gear for the GoPro Hero 7 Black.

This is part one in our beginners guide series for the Hero 7 Black. Part 2 will cover what to do next once you have filmed some great content. We will go over how to transfer your content to your smartphone or tablet so you can share it and even edit it for those who want to take their GoPro content a step further. We will also cover the GoPro app and GoPro Quik app in more detail.

Hero 7 Black:
Best Memory:

Other GoPro Hero 7 Black gear to consider.

GoPro Shorty:
GoPro Charger:
Floating Hand Grip:
GoPro Case:
Silicone Sleeve:
Power Bank:
GoPro Backpack:
Extension Pole:
Bike Mount:


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