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DJI Mavic Air 2

DJI Mavic Air USB Cables Explained



So if you are brand new to DJI drones and more specifically the DJI Mavic Air you probably have been watching videos and unboxings on YouTube and maybe a little confused by all the little parts included like the little square plastic parts and small USB Cables. The USB cables are to connect the remote to your smartphone. There is already one installed and it is for the iPhone with a lighting end. They include two extra’s in the box, one with a USB-C end and one with a Micro USB end. They can be easily swapped out depending on which phone you use. The little plastic clips help mount the USB cable in the remote and hold them in place. They include different sizes for each of the USB cables. This part also allows the USB cable to slide up and down and side to side for precise alignment of your phone’s port. Watch our YouTube video demonstrating how to change the different USB cables for the DJI Mavic Air remote.

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