Charging The DJI Smart Controller With A Power Bank While Flying

Here is a quick tip for those who have purchased the DJI Smart Controller. You can charge it via a power bank even while flying your drone. We have all done it, head out to fly and we have charged all our drone batteries only to arrive at our flight location to realize we forgot to charge the controller. Or perhaps you have been flying all day and your battery level on the controller is starting to get low but you want to get one more flight in. With The DJI Smart controller, you can plug a power bank into the bottom USB-C port and charge the remote even while you continue to fly. The Smart Controller supports fast charging with the stock charger, when charging via a power bank it will charge at a slower rate but enough to keep you flying or get you back up in the air. Using a small power bank such as the Anker 10,000 Mah with a 6′ charging cable allows you to conveniently place the power bank in your pocket while attached to your controller. During my unboxing video of the DJI Smart Controller, I even mention that DJI could potentially release a battery pack addon for the smart controller that connects to the bottom and would work in a similar fashion. You can watch me demonstrate charging the DJI Smart Controller with a power bank while I power on the DJI Mavic 2.

DJI Smart Controller:
Small Anker Power Bank:


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