PGYTech Drone & Photography Gloves Review

Living in a Canada and having some harsh winters as we do, you think I would have invested in a good pair of drone and photography gloves a long time ago. Surprisingly I haven’t, but this year I thought I would pick up a pair and see if they would work for me. I guess I have been apprehensive about buying gloves for flying drones in the winter, just for the fact I felt they would not be practical and even as far as to say counterproductive. I felt I would not have precision control and they would just get in the way, so I just toughed through it.

This year I planned on flying more in the winter and I thought it was about time to pick up a pair a test them out. After some research, I decided to go with the PGYTech drone and photography gloves that DJI was now selling on their website. I knew I wanted a pair that were comfortable and still allow me to have fine control of my sticks. I wanted them to be decently warm, I didn’t need really high warmth rated gloves just because if its more than -10 C outside I would not be flying anyways.

After testing out the PGYTech drone gloves I was pleasantly surprised at how well I could still control my drone when I was wearing them. The fold-back fingers are perfect for those precise movements and did not affect my ability to get the shot I wanted to get. They feature Thinsulate and are decently warm. Being waterproof, breathable and windproof is a nice bonus as well. I would definitely recommend these gloves to anyone looking for a pair, they come in at a decent price compared to similar photography and drone gloves. You can watch my YouTube video review below.

PGYTech Drone Glove (DJI)
PGYTech Drone Glove (Amazon)


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