TriplTek 8″ Pro 1200 Nit Drone Tablet

TriplTek 8″ Tablet (Amazon)

In this video review, we are taking a look at the new 8″ tablet from TriplTek. This tablet brand has become popular with drone pilots because of its super bright 1200 nit display. This new tablet replaces the older bulkier 7″ tablet that we reviewed last year. The new 8″ tablet is faster, has more memory and storage, and has a nice sleek new design that is not nearly as bulky or heavy as the previous version. The reason this tablet is a great choice as a display for drone pilots is the fact that its screen boasts a sustained 1200 nits of brightness and the key thing is “sustained”. When using something like an iPhone as a display, they may be capable of 1200 nits but that is reserved only for things like playback of HDR content. The average brightness of an iPhone is 600 to 700 nits, something like the iPad Mini is even dimmer at only 500 nits. These low nit values make it very difficult to view the screen on bright sunny days, and worse an iPhone screen will get even dimmer as it heats up. This will not happen with the TriplTek tablet, it stays at 1200 nits all the time making it easy to see on bright days. watch our video as we go over all the specs of this new tablet.

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