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Essential GoPro Time-Lapse Gear



If you are new to creating time-lapses with your GoPro and are not quite sure what gear you should get, I have put together a list of essential GoPro time-lapse gear and accessories to help you capture stunning time-lapse with your GoPro Hero 5 Black or previous generations. Some of the items listed are more important than others so you can prioritize what is needed and get thing bit by bit when you are able. The GoPro is an amazing camera for capturing time-lapses all by itself, so really all that is needed to start out is your GoPro and a way to mount it in a stable position.

My List Of Must-Have GoPro Time-Lapse Accessories

Item 1 – GoPro Hero 5 Black: The first thing you will need is your GoPro. If you are looking to purchase your first GoPro I recommend going with the Hero 5 Black but really the Hero 4’s are just as good and can still produce incredible results as well.

U.S. – Hero 5 Black:

Canadian – Hero 5 Black:

GoPro Hero 5 Black.


Item 2 – MeFoto Tripod: Probably the most important piece of equipment you will be using when creating GoPro time-lapse is a tripod. I use the MeFoto “RoadTrip” tripod and am very happy with it. It’s light, durable and stable. You have to bonus option of converting it to a monopod if needed. Now you don’t have to go with an expensive tripod if you are just starting out. The are plenty of decent value tripods that will work just fine after all the GoPro is not that heavy of a unit.

U.S – MeFoto Tripod:

Canadian – MeFoto Tripod:

MeFoto RoadTrip Tripod.


Item 3 – Anker Power Bank: I always recommend bringing along a power bank while out capturing time-lapses. There is nothing worse than running low on battery power when you are still recording. This is especially a must-have item when creating long night-lapses. Night lapses are general shot longer than day time-lapses and far exceed the Hero 5 Black battery capacity. Plugging into an external charger allows for long overnight time lapses. Anker is my brand of choice when it comes to charging my GoPro. They have several sizes to choose from and charge fast and reliably. Their 10000 mAh power bank is a nice mix of portability and power.

U.S. – Anker Power Bank:

Canadian – Anker Power Bank:


Anker 10000 mAh Powercore Power Bank.


Item 4 – GoPro Jaws Clamp: Whenever I head out to film a time-lapse with my GoPro I always pack the GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount. This mount can be clamped to many things and it is strong and secure. I find that the GoPro Jaws Clamp can be more practical in many situations. If you are going to create a time-lapse of a busy street using a tripod you run the risk of someone bumping it and ruining the entire shot. With the Jaws Clamp, you can mount your GoPro on posts or street signs up high or low but always out of the way. For this reason, it makes it to my list of must-have accessories for creating GoPro time-lapses.

U.S. – GoPro Jaws Clamp:


GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount


Item 5 – GoPro Tripod Mount: This little item is inexpensive but is a must-have item in order to mount your GoPro to your tripod. However, before purchasing one, check the gear you already own. Many GoPro poles and selfie sticks already have one attached to the end that can be unscrewed and mounted to your tripod. Got to save money when you can!

U.S. GoPro Tripod Adaptor:

Canadian – GoPro Tripod Adaptor:


GoPro Tripod Adaptor.


Item 6 – VidPro Motorized Pan Head: The VidPro motorized pan head helps you create dynamic movement in your GoPro time-lapse. This pan head rotates a full 360 degrees but unlike traditional egg timer style pan heads it gives you a lot more options. With this pan head, you can set the direction, angle, and speed. This comes in handy if you only want to do a 30-degree pan motion time-lapses but still want to record for an hour. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that gives you plenty of recording time. This unit also comes with a GoPro adaptor and a smartphone adaptor.

U.S. – VidPro Motorized Pan Head:

Canadian –  VidPro Motorized Pan Head:


VidPro Motorized GoPro Pan Head.


Item 7 – Flow Mow Pan Head: This is simple egg timer style 360-degree rotating pan head for GoPro’s. This is their 120-minute version. So it takes 120 minutes to do a full 360-degree rotation. They also have a 60-minute version as well. I like the 120-minute version as it moves slower and still allows you to capture enough data even if only doing a 30 or 90 degree time-lapse. This pan head is well-built and affordably priced.

U.S – Flow Mow Pan Head:

Canadian – Flow Mow Pan Head:


Flow-Mow Pan Head for GoPro.


Item 8 – Aluminium Frame for Hero 5 Black: Now this is more of an optional accessory. It does not affect the outcome of your time-lapse at all. I just like using it while shooting time-lapses with my GoPro as added protection. The rigid aluminum design helps protect against bumps and drops, plus as an added bonus it looks cool.

U.S. Aluminium Frame:

Canadian: Aluminium Frame:


Aluminum Frame for Hero 5 Black


Item 9 – GoPro Suction Cup Mount: This item is more of an optional item. It’s not my go-to mounting solution for most time lapses but can come in handy sometimes. If doing a drive-lapse then this is your best choice for mounting your GoPro to your car’s windshield or exterior. I sometimes use the GoPro suction cup mount when doing tradition time-lapse in Hotels from the balcony or a window. It’s an easy way to get a nice time-lapse of the city.

U.S. – GoPro Suction Cup Mount:


GoPro Suction Cup Mount.