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GoPro Handlebar / Seat Post / Small Tube Mount Review



Here is a video review of the new GoPro Handlebar mount that they launched last fall alongside the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session. This is an updated model to the traditional bike mounts that they sell. In this video, I do an unboxing and go over all the contents of the box and then do a quick demonstration to show you how it all works.

One of the nice features of this new GoPro bike mount is the fact that the head rotates. This makes it very easy to capture the angle you want. The turning head has notches to keep it firmly in place once you have set your desired angle. I love the fact that they went with the buckle style mount receiver instead of a transitional mount. This makes mounting your GoPro from one spot to another easy. If you like to film from different parts of the bike while your cycling, mountain biking or riding your dirt bike or motorcycle you could use multiple mounts and quickly move your GoPro from one location to the other with the quick mount buckle.

The kit comes with 2 rubber inserts that allow you to attach the bike mount to a variety of pole or tube diameters. This is nice as all bikes are a little different and allow you to attach to large or small tubes.

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All in all, I think this is a nice quality product from GoPro, very versatile and reasonably priced compared to some of their other mounts. This mount attaches and removes easily making it a breeze to move from bike to bike. I definitely recommend the GoPro handlebar mount no matter if you’re a professional cyclist or just want to grab some nice shots of the kids riding their bikes It is well worth the money and definitely makes it into my top 10 must have GoPro accessories. The one slight downfall that I dislike is the fact that when removing the mount I found from time to time the rubber adjustment fitting would sometime fall out. I could possibly see this piece being lost in the future if I am not careful.

Box contents of the GoPro handlebar mount.