GoPro Hero 9 Black | 16 Reasons To Upgrade

In this video, we go over 16 reasons why you may want to consider upgrading to the new GoPro Hero 9 Black. These reasons list all the new features if you are coming from the Hero 8 Black if you will be upgrading from an even older generation that list will be much larger. Some of these reasons are pretty small and really don’t constitute a reason to upgrade but we include them to list everything new with the Hero 9 Black.

Reasons To Upgrade (New Features Of The GoPro Hero 9 Black)

  1. All new environmentally friendly packaging with very little plastic and a nice new reusable case.
  2. The removable protective lens is back. You can now easily replace a broken lens and add accessories such as ND filters.
  3. Front-facing screen to help frame shots.
  4. A larger back touch screen making playback of your media nicer to view and much easier to navigate the menu.
  5. A new microphone drain on the side allows you to capture audio quicker after the camera has come out of water.
  6. The Hero 9 Black ships with a large battery that has 30% more capacity. Allowing you to shoot and capture longer.
  7. New 5K shooting mode.
  8. When in photo mode you can now capture photos at 20 megapixels for nice crispy photos.
  9. Boost stabilization mode now available in all shooting resolutions and frame rates.
  10. In-camera horizon leveling.
  11. New HyperSmooth 3.0 for even better stabilization.
  12. TimeWarp 3.0 now has realtime ramping with audio.
  13. Improved HDR Photos.
  14. A new “Hindsight” capture feature. Allows you to capture 15 to 30 seconds before you hit the shutter button.
  15. You can now set a “Scheduled Capture” and have the camera turn on and start recording at set times.
  16. A new revamped “Duration Capture”.

As a bonus, a 17th reason to upgrade is that the Hero 9 Black performs better in colder conditions.

Now, of course, there may be a few reasons why you would not want to upgrade and they are as follows.

  1. New form-factor so many accessories for you Hero 8 will no longer work.
  2. The Hero 9 Black is larger and heavier.
  3. The touch screen on the Hero 9 Black is very laggy, hopefully, they will get that fixed soon.

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