GoPro Hero 9 Black Unboxing and Setup

In this video, we are unboxing and running threw the setup process of the new flagship camera from GoPro the Hero 9 Black. This year GoPro has changed the form factor again making it a little larger while retaining its waterproof capabilities and built-in folding finger mounts. Some new and notable features in this year’s new model is the return of the removable lens cover, that was a sore spot with many after GoPro removed this feature from the Hero 8. If you happened to damage the lens cover there was no easy fix. With the return of this feature, you can now replace it easily if damaged with a $20 replacement part.

Some other exciting new changes are the addition of a front-facing screen, this has been a highly requested feature for some time as it makes framing shots and vlogging a whole lot easier. The display screen on the back has been enlarged and the Hero 9 Black also features a new larger capacity battery that will give you an extra 30% longer recording time. The are many other new features and enhancements that make this year’s Hero 9 Black very appealing. Watch our unboxing and setup video on YouTube.

GoPro Hero 9 Black:

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