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GoPro Remo Remote vs Smart Remote | Which is The Best Choice for You



So you are in the market for a remote for your GoPro and now you have to make the decision on whether to go with the GoPro Remo Remote or the GoPro Smart Remote. Now, for the most part, they both are excellent remotes but there are some huge differences. I hope in this article to help you decide which is the best remote for you.

The Remo Remote is GoPro’s most recent remote and was launched alongside of the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 session. The Remo Remote is only compatible with the Hero 5 cameras and will not pair with older generation 4 cameras. The smart remote is fully compatible with both the Hero 5 family of cameras and the Hero 4 cameras. Both the Remo and Smart Remote are waterproof, so if you will be using them in or near water or snow you will be fine with what every remote you choose.

The main difference now is in usability and features. The GoPro Remo Remote can only be paired and control one GoPro at a time, If you pair it to a different camera the original camera is cleared from memory and will need to be re-pair when you wish to use it again. The Smart Remote can be paired with up to 50 cameras simultaneously and can control all at the same time. This is a huge benefit for those that own multiple GoPro Cameras. The Remo Remote has a range of about 33 ft were as the Smart Remote has a range of about 600 ft. This is due to the fact the Remo Remote uses Bluetooth and the Smart Remote uses WiFi. This leads us to our next comparison because the Remo Remote is Bluetooth, its battery life is significantly longer than that of the Smart Remote. I can go a week or two without charging my Remo, but my smart remote needs charging every few days if I use it a lot.

As for features, the Remo remote is geared to be an extension of the Hero 5’s voice command capabilities. The Remo allows you to control your camera with your voice when it is out of range, it also allows for better voice recognition when you are filming in windy or noisy environments. The smart remote is not compatible with voice commands. Other than changing modes with your voice you cannot change any other settings with the Remo Remote. This is where the Smart Remote excels, you have full control of most setting on your GoPro and can change settings on the fly. There is a small LCD screen that gives you visual feedback of current settings and makes it easy to adjust your preferences as you go. Both remotes retail for about the same price.

So with all things considered they are both fantastic remotes and your buying decision should be based on how you will be using it. I hope the guide helped you in choosing what remote is the best fit for you and your needs. You can watch the video at the bottom of the page as I go over some of the features of the GoPro Remo Remote and the GoPro Smart Remote.

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