Low Position Shooting Rig and Stabilizer for GoPro

If you are in need of a low position shooting system for your GoPro here is a nice versatile rig that will meet all of your needs and works with all GoPro’s and most DSLR’s, smartphones and camcorders. The lightweight C-Shaped body allows you to capture smooth and stable low angles easily without breaking your back or your bank account.

Located on the top is a cold shoe that can be used to attach a microphone or small LED light. It also comes with a ball head adaptor and smartphone mount to allow you to easily mount your phone so you can get a video preview of what you are filming via the GoPro Capture app.

I have been using this rig for a few months now and find the system to be quite versatile and can be configured easily to suit most needs. For myself, I love accessories that offer a good value while maintaining a high-quality build. This low position stabilizing rig offers both. There are more expensive units on the market but you this unit really give you more bang for your buck!

Order Low Position Stabilizing Rig on Amazon

U.S. Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kLA50u

Canadian Amazon: http://amzn.to/2l5KYdP


Here is an unboxing and review video that I made of this unit on my YouTube Channel


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