Polar Pro ND Filters For GoPro Hero 8 Black

GoPro recently launched the Hero 8 Black and this is the first GoPro with a new form factor since the Hero 5 series. With the introduction of a new form factor, it usually means many existing accessories will no longer fit with the new design, and this is the case for when it comes to ND filters. The ND filters I currently own for my GoPro will work with the Hero 5, 6 and 7 but not the Hero8. Thankfully accessory makers jump on manufacturing new gear quickly and Polar Pro is no different, they have already created an nice magnetic set of ND filter set for the Hero 8 Black.

This year Polar Pro had to get a little creative when developing ND filters for the Hero 8 Black. In the past, ND filters could either pop over the existing lens of the GoPro or you could remove the lens cover and twist on an ND filter replacement. This year GoPro has done away with the removable lens protector so the twist on method was out. The new lens design is also very shallow and pop-on ND filters would not really work well either. Polar Pro came up with a nice mount that wraps around the back and allows you then to attach ND filters magnetically.

The Hero 8 Black ND filter kit from Polar Pro contains three ND filters an ND 8, ND 16 and ND 32. The kit also contains a magnetic mount and a storage case. The connection is secure when mounted and with my testing, it would take an extreme impact for the filters to pop of. The unfortunate downside to using this new setup is most likely it will not be compatible with the “Media Mod” that GoPro is releasing later this fall for the Hero 8 Black. I can not confirm this yet as the mods are not available yet. I will update this post if they turn out to be compatible but don’t count on it.

Hero 8 Black ND Filters: https://amzn.to/2Nh9beg