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Using Lume Cubes With GoPro Karma Grip



I had been looking for a way to easily mount some lights on my GoPro Karma Grip so I can film in dark and low light situations. There are many compact and portable lights on the market but I opted to go with Lume Cube GoPro kit. These tiny little lights are capable of 1500 lumens each and only weighs 3.5 oz. A 1.5-inch square cube makes them easy to pack when you want to travel light. I am not going to go over all of the features but some basic information you may want to know. These lights take about 90 minutes to charge from empty and can last for up to 2 hours on a mid-brightness setting. At the full 1500 lumens, you can get about 20 minutes. There are 10 brightness settings you can choose from. They have built-in Bluetooth and can be controlled by your smartphone. They are perfect for constant video light and can also be used as a flash when doing photography.

When you purchase the GoPro Kit it comes with 2 Lume Cubes, 2 USB charging cables and a GoPro mounting plate. This allows you to mount a Lume Cube on either side and your GoPro in the middle. There is also a bracket on the bottom so it can be easily attached to your favorite GoPro grip or handle.

In this scenario, I used a buckle mount while using the Karma Grips mounting ring to attach the Karma Grip to the Lube Cube mounting bar. This works flawlessly and allows you to capture beautifully stabilized footage without adding a lot of weight in low light situations. Not only does this setup work well for capturing video footage, it works really well for capturing photos at night or in dark areas.

U.S. – GoPro Lume Cube Kit:

Canada – GoPro Lume Cube Kit:


Watch our video as we assemble and do some night tests with the Lume Cube GoPro kit mounted on the Karma Grip.

Here are a couple of photo samples taken with the Karma Grip with Lume Cubes attached. These photos were taken on a Hero 5 Black at night in pitch black, the only light source is coming from the two Lume Cubes at a power of 50%.