DJI Air 2S Precision Landing and Return To Home Tutorial

DJI Air 2S:​

One thing that makes DJI Drones so appealing is all the safety and fail-safe features they include in every drone such as precision landing and “return to home”. In this video tutorial, we are demonstrating the return to home feature of the DJI Air 2s as well as the precision landing feature. When it comes to RTH there are 3 types:

  • Manually Initialed Return To Home
  • Fail-Safe Return To Home
  • Low Battery Return To Home

At any time while flying you can manually initiate a return to home where the DJI Air 2S will automatically come back to the point of take-off and land. However, this will also happen in the event of a disconnection. If the drone loses signal with the controller it will automatically come back to the point where it took off. The DJI Air 2S will also come home once the battery is depleted to the point where it feels it need to come back with enough power. Paired with RTH is a feature called precision landing, this is a feature where the DJI Air 2S will survey its surroundings at take-off and when performing a RTH landing it will land in almost the exact spot it took off from quite often within inches. In our video, we demonstrate the return to home in action and perform some precision landing tests.

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