DJI Mini 3 Pro Wi-Fi Enabled? It Could Be Its BEST Feature

With all the new leaks coming in for the DJI Mini 3 Pro we are learning more and more about this incredible little drone every day. One feature that has not been talked about very much is something that online retailers leaked simply stating “Wi-Fi” enabled. There is very little information about what this means, it could be referring to highspeed transfer of content from the drones memory card to a connected device, but the “Wi-Fi connected” could also potentially mean the drone can be switched to WiFi mode allowing the drone to be controlled with just a smartphone and virtual joysticks. This feature could be beneficial for those who want to use intelligent flight modes such as ActiveTrack but do now wish to carry the controller while being tracked. Ideally flying with a controller with Ocusync 3 would offer the best flight experience, but I think a WiFi-only mode could be useful.

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