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Litra Torch Light Versus Lume Cube | Which Do I Prefer



If you are in the market for a small portable light for your GoPro, watch this video as I compare the Litra Torch Light against the Lume Cube to see which one I think is best. Now I would like to say that both are excellent lights and no matter which one you choose you will be very happy with your purchase. Both lights come as a single light purchase or as a kit geared to GoPro and other action cameras or for your smartphone. The base light price is the exact same for both at $79.99. What comes with the lights is quite different. The Lume Cube ships with a charging cable and instruction manual while the Litra Torch Light comes with a silicon light diffuser, silicon housing, GoPro mount, charging cable, mounting clip, and manual. With all the extra gear the Litra Torch is a better value.

Now when it comes to mounting, the Lume Cube has a single 1/4 tripod mount located on the bottom. You will need to purchase a GoPro adapter if you wish to mount it via a GoPro mount. The Litra Torch has 2 1/4 tripod mounts, one on the bottom and one on the back. In addition, there is a built-in magnet on the back which allows you to easily mount the light to any metal object. When you factor in the included GoPro adapter and clip the Litra Torch Light is quite a bit more versatile when it comes to mounting. Both lights are waterproof and have a built-in rechargeable battery. Both lights also offer an optional gel and diffuse kits.

Brightness and Battery Life

The Lume Cube has a max output of 1500 lumens while the Litra Torch only comes in at a max of 800 lumens. I do not own the equipment to test these measurements to verify if they are indeed correct. However, if you look at the sample photos below, there does not seem to be much difference between the two lights when at the brightest setting. When you look close the Litra Torch seems to be a slight bit brighter and shows more detail in the ground. In this test, both lights are mounted side by side with a GoPro Hero 6 Black in the middle.

When it comes to battery life these are the ratings provided by the manufactures ( I have not tested these numbers).

Litra Torch Light Battery Rating

  • Brightest – 35 Minutes
  • Medium – 70 Minutes
  • Lowest – 4 Hours

Lume Cube Battery Rating

  • Brightest – 20 – 30 Minutes
  • Medium – 2 Hours

One major feature that the Lume Cube has that is absent from the Litra torch is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can slave many Lume Cubes together and have them fire off at the same time when using them as a flash for photography with your smartphone and the Lume Cube companion app. If this is an important feature for you then the Lume Cubes may be the best fit for your needs. Myself, however, I only use the lights for filming so its more of a bonus feature.

So all thing considered they are both well designed and function superbly. When it comes to my preference and the ones I tend to use on a regular basis is the Litra Torch Lights. I always have them packed in my camera backpack when I am out hiking and adventuring. The reason being is I like its simple one-button usage design and I really like the versatility I have when  I need to mount the lights. Like I stated, no matter which light kit you choose you will be super happy with your purchase.

Single Litra Torch:
Single Lume Cube:

Litra Torch GoPro Mount:
Lume Cube GoPro Mount:

Litra Torch Gel/Diffusion Kit:
Lume Cube Gel/Diffusion Kit:

Watch our YouTube video where we compare the Lume Cube against the Litra Torch, sample footage included.

The optional gel and diffuse kit for the Litra Torch Light.


This is everything you get when you purchase the single Litra Torch Light.


Both Litra Torch and Lume Cube have an optional GoPro accessory that allows you to mount a GoPro and two lights.


Litra Torch Versus Lume Cube. Which one is the best.

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My 2019 Minimalist GoPro / Camera Travel & Adventuring Kit



Earlier in the week, I uploaded a YouTube video titled “What’s In My Drone/Camera Backpack for 2019” basically showing what gear I pack and bring with me when flying my drone, hiking or just out adventuring. Now here is my 2019 minimalist camera kit that I take with me when traveling and I want to pack light. My 2019 version of my minimalist GoPro/Camera travel kit has some new editions from last year. To start things off, the case I use when traveling is the GoPro Casey, I like it because I find it to be a perfect size. It’s not too big, yet not too small and can hold an ample amount of gear. For the most part, I only bring what can be fit inside this case. Watch my YouTube video to see what gear I pack inside minimalist camera kit when traveling, you be surprised how simple and streamlined it is, yet still all the gear I need to capture our adventures. All the gear I pack is listed at the bottom of this post if you saw something you liked and want to check it out further.

Osmo Pocket (DJI Website)
Osmo Pocket (Amazon)
Osmo Pocket Mount:
Osmo Pocket Wireless Base:
Osmo Pocket Scroll Wheel:
Osmo Pocket ND Filters:
GoPro Casey:
GoPro Hero 7 Black:
Insta360 One X:
Osmo Pocket ND Filters:
Battery Handle:
Extension Pole:
GoPro Battery Charger:
GoPro Mount Adapter:
Micro SD Memory:
PolarPro Snorkle Filter:
Hydrophobic Lens Protector:
GoPro Floating Hand Grip:
Apple Lightning SD Card Reader:

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UGreen GoPro Power Bank & Charger



In this video review, we are taking a closer look at the UGreen GoPro power bank and charger. This power bank packs 10,000 mAh of power and can be used how any traditional power bank can be used. It has a USB-A port that can be used to charge any devices such as GoPro’s, smartphone or any device that supports USB charging. It has a USB-C port that is input only for recharging the power bank. What makes this power bank shine is that it has a built-in GoPro charging bay which allows you to insert a GoPro battery and securely charge it even while on the move. This can be quite useful for those who are out adventuring and don’t what to pack a lot of gear You can quickly recharge GoPro batteries without having to pack extra chargers or cables. This GoPro power bank is compatible with GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black and Hero 7 Black batteries. It also supports the batteries for the low-cost GoPro Hero that was released in the spring of 2018. You can charge 6 GoPro batteries on a single charge.

The unit has a black rubberized finish, It looks and feels durable. I can not attest to longevity as I have only been using it for about a month, but I will update this post if I have any issues with it over time. All in all a nice all in one GoPro charger and power bank. Definitely a nice addition to any GoPro camera bag.

UGreen Power Bank:


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