DJI Avata – Safe To Update In Canada No Remote ID Limitations

This is a follow-up video to a video I uploaded last week going over the latest firmware for the DJI Avata v01.02.0000. On top of many new important fixes and feature updates, one of the changes was adding “remote ID” compliance for the US, and unfortunately, after the update, if you live in the US you now must plug your phone into the goggles to remain compliant otherwise you can not launch the drone. I have had many ask if this is also for Canada as they do not want to update to the latest firmware if this is the case. I can report that with my DJI Avata in Canada I do not have this limitation. So as far as I can tell it is safe to update to the latest firmware and you will not need to connect a smartphone to fly,

DJI Avata (Amazon)
DJI Avata (DJI Store)

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