Luxebell’s Updated Lightweight Aluminum Vlog Case For Your GoPro

In this video, we are taking a closer look at the updated GoPro vlogging case from Luxebell. I have reviewed Luxebells aluminum GoPro cases in the past, they are compatible with the GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black, and Hero 7 Black. They even have versions for older GoPro’s such as the Hero 4 series. These aluminum cases offer superior protection for your GoPro as they basically act as a suit of armor, keeping your GoPro safe in adverse conditions or if they take a hard knock. They also have the added bonus of being compatible with 52mm filters, they even come with a bonus UV filter and lens cap. However, most people would purchase them for the cold shoe on the top that allows for easy attachment of accessories such as a microphone or lights. As handy as they are, there is one problem with them, and that is they can add a lot of weight to your vlog setup.

To remedy this issue Luxebell has developed an updated model, a new lightweight skeleton version that significantly reduces the weight from 136 g (original) to 58 g. In addition, you can also an optional vlogging add-on that allows you to mount a GoPro microphone adapter in a tidy and secure way. These new vlogging cases are not new, they were first introduced a few months ago. But if you prefer an aluminum case over plastic, this may be a better option for you.

Even with its new minimal lightweight design the Luxebells GoPro vlog case still offers ample protection due to its sturdy aluminum build. When it comes to price and you factor in the purchase price of the microphone adapter add-on, it is higher priced than its competition. There are two benefits, however. First, it has a nice quality aluminum build and second, you can remove the vlog add-on when you are not using it to keep the overall footprint and weight to a minimum. Watch our YouTube video as we demonstrate setting up a GoPro vlog rig with the Luxebell Aluminum Vlog Kit.

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