My Favorite Action Camera for Vlogging in 2023

I have had several people ask me what camera I am using for Vlogging this summer as I travel. Surprisingly the camera I have been using most is the DJI Action 2. I love it for vlogging because is small and lightweight. The magnetic mount system makes it easy to change to different configurations to capture my adventures. The removable camera module is perfect for POV shots when you don’t want a bigger and bulkier camera to get in the way. In addition, the audio that is captured directly from the camera when not using an external microphone is quite good. As for a microphone I am using the DJI Wireless Mic, it is in my opinion one of the best wireless mics available and works beautifully with the DJI Action 2. The overall experience has been great for vlogging and for those that want to enjoy the moment and not be bogged down with gear it is a great choice.

DJI Action 2:
DJI Action 2 Head Strap:
DJI Action 2 Remote Handle:
DJI Action 2 Power Module:
DJI Mic:

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