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RavPower Updated 16750 mAh Power Bank Review



Spring is always a good time to go over your GoPro/Drone gear and get things ready for summer adventuring. A good power bank is an essential part of every GoPro camera bag. One of my favorite brands for power banks is RAVPower, they are dependable and have good solid performance. They have recently updated their 16750 mAh power bank with a fresh new simplistic look that is in line now with their current line up of power banks. Along with the new look, they have increased the input port from 1A to 2A which results in significantly faster re-charging of the power bank.

There is two output charging ports that can output at 2.4 A each allowing for quick charging of all your GoPro’s and accessories such as gimbals and lights. Featuring updated iSmart technology allows for safe charging at all times for any device. The RAVPower 16750 mAh power bank is a nice size for portability on a camera bank. It has a small form factor but packs a lot of power to keep you shooting all day.

RavPower 16750 mAh (USA)
RavPower 16750 mAh (CAN)


Contents included with the RAVPower 16750 mah power bank


Side by side comparison of the old and new updated RAVPower 16750 mAh power bank. Old on the left. New on the right.


RAVPower 16750 mah updated power bank.


Ports on the RavPower 16750 mAh power bank.