Skydio 2+ and Cinema Kit Unboxing

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Skydio recently launched a new refreshed version of the Skydio 2 drone simply called the Skydio 2+. This new drone has a new fold-out antenna design that according to Skydio can increase the range to 6km. The controller has not changed so the new distance and range come directly from the antenna upgrade. In addition, they have released a new battery that promises 28 minutes of flight time. This new battery is backward compatible with the original Skydio 2 and the original batteries are also compatible with the new model. Skydio also introduced a new version of the beacon that now has a range of 3km. Lastly, there is a new software update that introduces a feature called keyframes. Keyframes are similar to weigh points allowing you to create a planned flight route for nice cinematic shots. The keyframe skill is also compatible with the original Skydio 2. In this video, we are unboxing and taking a look at everything that comes with the Skydio 2+ cinema kit.

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