The DJI Mavic Mini Is The Ultimate Travel/Adventure Drone

Since the launch of the DJI Mavic Mini, it has become quite a popular drone with both new and experienced pilots. People who are purchasing their very first drone have embraced the simplicity of this new aircraft and how easy it is to master flight while experienced pilots have enjoyed its small size and lightweight making it a great drone for travel or adventures where you need to keep your gear to a minimum such as backpacking. When you factor in the quality of content this drone can produce and its low price it really does make it an appealing drone.

Due to the fact that this drone only weighs 249 grams, it makes it the perfect choice for many due to the fact that it is exempt for many of the regulation imposed in many countries, for example here in Canada due to its weight you do not need to have a license or certificate to fly it unlike larger drones that weigh over 249 grams, and you do not need to register it with the government. This makes it a great choice for new pilots. I already have my pilot certificate so the 249-gram weight of this drone is not too terribly important, however, due to its lightweight and small size I find myself bring it more place just because of its convenience. Even though something like the Mavic 2 Pro is foldable and compact it can still be bulky and heavy to carry around with you all day especially if you are not quite sure if you will even use it. Whereas the Mavic Mini can be easily carried in a small messenger bag or even a pocket and weather you fly with it that day or not, there was no inconvenience to bring it along.

For those who travel, this drone is perfect again due to its small size and lightweight. It can fit in a carry on with no issues and due to its low cost if it happens to get damaged or confiscated at an airport its not as great of a loss as if you had packed your Mavic 2 Pro or other costlier drones. The batteries for the Mavic Mini also make it a great travel drone, the batteries are quite small and inexpensive compared to other drone batteries. They pack 30 minutes of flight time so packing a few spares can give you an ample amount of time in the air. This is also great for those who will be away from power sources and are unable to charge while out exploring.

Although the Mavic Mini only captures footage in a resolution of 2.7K it is more than adequate for those who are creating travel or adventure vlogs. Especially for sharing on social media that highly compresses content anyways. One downfall, however, is the lack of manual settings for those who like to get creative with some shots, however, DJI recently released a firmware update that added some new features such as being able to set your desired white balance. Hopefully, other manual settings will also be added over the coming weeks/months. Watch our full YouTube video where I discuss more reasons why I think the DJI Mavic Mini is the perfect travel drone.

Mavic Mini (DJI Website)
Mavic Mini (Amazon)

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