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Under Water Testing of the Polar Pro Macro Lens for Hero 5 Black



Here is a video I made testing the underwater capabilities of the Polar Pro macro lens for the GoPro Hero 5 Black. You can watch my original review video here. It is the middle of winter here so I opted to just do the macro lens underwater test with the Hero 5 in my aquarium.

Now in a conversation, I had with a representative of Polar Pro I was informed that the Hero 5 macro lens is indeed capable of capturing videos and photos underwater. Now they did mention this macro lens ideally was design for above water use. I was told that it is quite possible that water would leak between the Hero 5 lens and the add-on macro lens. This is not an issue, in this event, you simply need to remove the Hero 5 Macro Lens under water and remove any air bubbles. In my testing of this product, I can confirm that water does get in between the lens almost right away. Even with water present the images and videos were still quite impressive. I was able to get nice close-up shots compared to my control video I first made without the Hero 5 macro lens on for comparison purposes.

There are other lenses that work in a similar fashion with water present between the two lenses. The switchblade lens for the Hero 5 dive housing is a perfect example. The lens can be flipped open under water if not needed, you can then re-close with water in between and it still functions properly.

I would have to conclude the Polar Pro macro lens is a viable solution of underwater macro photography with the GoPro Hero 5 Black. If you are headed on holidays and would like to take some nice underwater close up photos and videos while snorkeling or scuba diving, this lens will do the trick and is a good addition to any GoPro camera bag.

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Here are some sample underwater photos I shot with the Polar Pro Macro Lens for the GoPro Hero 5 Black.