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GoPro Fusion / 360 Cameras

Using a Power Bank With a GoPro Fusion



In this article, we go over all the steps and equipment needed to use a power bank with your GoPro Fusion. A power bank can be a very valuable tool in your camera bag. Not only to keep your cameras charged but also some drones and 360 cameras. This is especially true for the GoPro Fusion due to the fact that it is a brand new camera and there are currently no charging accessories available. This will change as the industry catches up but in the meantime, it is the best option for keeping your Fusion charged while on the go. For me here in Canada, I am unable to order spare batteries for the Fusion. Federal law prohibits GoPro from shipping single batteries over the border.

The fusion can record video while being charged from a power bank and can increase the record time of the camera significantly. This can come in really handy for long time-lapses that exceed several hours. In fact, you don’t even need a battery installed in your Fusion when it’s being powered from a power bank.

There are some accessories that you should consider when using a power bank to charge or power your Fusion. A 90-degree adapter allows the USB-C cord to hang nicely down the side. This has 2 benefits. First it helps keep the cord out of the 360 shot, and second, it helps prevent damage to the USB-C port. A cord that plugs right in and sticks out can put a lot of stress on the port and over time damage the port to the point it will no longer recognize a cable is plugged in. The second item is a long USB-C cable. A nice 6-foot cable allows you to mount your GoPro Fusion and have the power banks tucked safely in your backpack or pocket and will give you the reach you need.

GoPro Fusion:
GoPro Power Bank:
RAVPower Power Bank:
6′ USB-C Cable:
USB 90 Elbow:

This 6-foot USB-C cable gives you the length you need to store the power bank in your pocket or backpack while recording with the GoPro Fusion.


It is a good idea to remove the charging door from the GoPro fusion when using with a power bank. Leaving the door on could lead to losing the door if it falls off while in use.


A 90-degree elbow prevents stress on the USB-C port while charging or recording while using a power bank.


The 90-degree elbow allows the cable to sit flush against the camera helping to keep it out of your shot.

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GoPro Fusion / 360 Cameras

Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick | Review & Sample Footage



Why on earth would you ever need a 118 inch (almost 10 feet) extension pole, watch our video review to find out! In this review, we are taking a closer look at the new 118 extended edition selfie stick from Insta360. This super long selfie stick is intended to be used with small 360 cameras such as the Insta360 One or Rylo 360 camera. I even mounted my GoPro Hero 6 Black on it and was able to get some interesting photos.

When you mount your 360 Camera on a long extension pole such as this, it really gives you an interesting perspective. It can really make it look as if there is a camera floating quite a ways out in front of you or above you, almost similar to the view a drone would give. When used in conjunction with a tripod base you can also get some really stunning 360 photos.

One downfall due to the length of the selfie stick, there can be some flex in the pole which can sometimes be visible in the shot, any wobble or shake, however, is removed by the 360 cameras stabilization software. Heavy cameras such as the GoPro Fusion cannot be used with this extension pole, they are too heavy and cause too much of a curve in the stick.

If you will be mounting the Rylo 360 camera you will need to get a GoPro tripod adapter, I recommend the one by Smatree due to the fact it doesn’t have the extreme curve that most similar GoPro tripod adapters have. When filming with 360 cameras keeping you camera exactly center over the extension pole is extremely important in order to have the pole invisible in the video.

Alternatively, you may want to take a look at the super long extension pole from Telesin. It is very similar to the Insta360 Extended selfie stick but comes in at only 106 inches. A tiny bit shorter but quite a bit cheaper. Long extension poles like this are one of those accessories you will not use every day but can really enhance your videos and photos from time to time and I think makes a perfect compliment to you 360 camera bag.

Insta360 Extension Pole:
Telesin Extension Pole:
Smatree GoPro Mount:
Tripod Base:
Rylo 360 Camera:
Insta360 One Camera:



Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick


Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick has a 1/4 inch tripod thread for mounting cameras.


The bottom of the Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick contains a 1/4 inch tripod thread.


You can add a tripod base to the bottom of the Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick to help get interesting 360 photos.


The Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick compared to the Telesin extra long extension pole.


I recommend using the Smatree Tripod adapter with 360 extension poles as the mount lines up with the center of the pole unlike may similar mounts. This is very important to make the pole invisible.


If using the Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick with a Rylo 360 camera or GoPro you will need to use a tripod GoPro adapter.


Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick with a GoPro Hero 6 Black mounted.


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Editing Apps: Tips & Tutorials

Make Animations From Your 360 Photos | Free App & Tutorial



Here is a little video tutorial showing you how you can create fun and dynamic animations from your existing 360-degree photos with a free app called Theta+. This app can be download for free from the app store and allows you to edit still 360 photos or turn them into animations with preset templates and effects. For those who want more control, the app also has a manual mode which allows you to get very creative with its easy to use interface. This app will work with 360 photos take on most of today’s most popular 360 cameras such as the Rylo 360, GoPro Fusion and the Insta360 One among many others. Watch our video for a quick demonstration and samples.

The following 360 cameras are compatible with this app.

Insta360 One:
Rylo 360:
GoPro Fusion:

Theta+ App: Direct Link


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