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GoPro Fusion / 360 Cameras

Using a Power Bank With a GoPro Fusion



In this article we go over all the steps and equipment needed to use a power bank with your GoPro Fusion. A power bank can be a very valuable tool in your camera bag. Not only to keep your cameras charged but also some drones and 360 cameras. This is especially true for the GoPro Fusion due to the fact that it is a brand new camera and there are currently no charging accessories available. This will change as the industry catches up but in the mean time it is the best option for keeping your Fusion charged while one the go. For me here in Canada I am unable to order spare batteries for the Fusion. Federal law prohibits GoPro from shipping single batteries over the border.

The fusion can record video while being charged from a power bank, and can increase the record time of the camera significantly. This can come in really handy for long time-lapses that exceed several hours. In fact you don’t even need a battery installed in your Fusion when its being powered from a power bank.

There are some accessories that you should consider when using a power bank to charge or power your Fusion. A 90 degree adapter allows the USB-C cord to hang nicely down the side. This has 2 benefits. First it helps keep the cord out of the 360 shot, and second it helps prevent damage to the USB-C port. A cord that plugs right in and sticks out can put a lot of stress on the port and over time damage the port to the point it will no longer recognize a cable is plugged in. The second item is a long USB-C cable. A nice 6 foot cable allows you to mount your GoPro Fusion and have the power banks tucked safely in your backpack or pocket and will give you the reach you need.

GoPro Fusion:
GoPro Power Bank:
RAVPower Power Bank:
6′ USB-C Cable:
USB 90 Elbow:

This 6 foot USB-C cable give you the length you need to store the power bank in your pocket or back pack while recording with the GoPro Fusion.


It is a good idea to remove the charging door from the GoPro fusion when using with a power bank. Leaving the door on could lead to loosing the door if it falls off while in use.


A 90 degree elbow prevents stress on the USB-C port while charging or recording while using a power bank.


The 90 degree elbow allows the cable to sit flush against the camera helping to keep it out of your shot.

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GoPro Fusion / 360 Cameras

Latest Rylo 360 Camera Firmware Update: Remote, Timer and 180 Degree Mode



In this video we go over some of the new features that Rylo introduced with their latest firmware update for the Rylo 360 camera. Some long overdue features were added and to me the most important one was a photo timer. Up until now there was no way to set a timer which is so important when taking 360 photos. A timer allows you to compose your shot. It gives you time to extend your extension pole if needed and even get out of the shot altogether if mounted on a tripod and you are taking landscape photos. The new firmware update also adds a feature that turns you phone into a remote so you can stop/start recording from a distance or take snap shots. Another interesting feature they included is a new 180 degree mode. This essentially turns off one of the lenses and is ideal for those who mount the Rylo in a chest harness style mount. One lens is covered anyways so why record from it. Some great new updates from Rylo.

Buy Rylo 360 Camera:



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Editing Apps: Tips & Tutorials

New FlowState Update For The Insta360 One



So Insta360 has done something incredible that has just turned the Insta360 One camera into a whole new device. Last week Insta360 released a new update for Insta360 One version 3.0 for the iPhone app and a new firmware update for the camera itself version 2.0. This update introduced a new stabilization technology that they call FlowState and it is just amazing. I have done many test with the new update and I would almost go as far as to call it magic. Even with the camera moving quite dramatically the software was able to stabilize it and make it look nice and smooth.

The new Insta360 update also introduced new editing features such as PivotPoints and SmartTracking. With these new editing features you are able to create smooth videos and re-position the view-point to any angle you so wish.. The points that are created on the timeline can be edited if you wish to make changes which is a very welcome feature. Once you have your points of interested selected you can export the video as a traditional 16×9 video. The smart tracking feature will keep a subject or object in the main viewing area even if the camera is moving. They have also added some new split screen views so you can get a feel of what is happening from both lenses.

This new technology is allowing photographers and cinematographers to capture footage and shots that were not even possible a year or two ago. The Insta360 one is a great alternative to the traditional action camera such as a GoPro. You don’t have to worry about lining up your shots and the footage is just as smooth or if not smother that if you have an action camera mounted in a mechanical gimbal. The real benefit is you can stabilize your shots doing activities that you just cant use a gimbal. Try doing cartwheels with a gimbal…it just doesn’t work, now try it with the Insta360 One and be amazed. One area that really needs to be improved however is the resolution! Most 360 cameras don’t have the sharpest image, but am sure that will improve with time.

Insta360 One:

Accessories for the Insta360 One.

Extra Long Extension Pole:
Manfrotto Selfie Stick:
Water Proof Housing:

Here is our video review of the new Insta360 One FlowState software update with video samples.


A screen shot of the Insta360 One iPhone app feature FlowState stabilization and new PivotPoints.


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