All Weather Charging For The GoPro Hero 8 Black X-PWR-H8

If you are looking for an all-weather charging solution for your GoPro Hero 8 Black check out the weatherproof charger from 3Br Power Sports X-PWR-H8 . This kit allows you to safely charge your Hero 8 in rainy and wet conditions, it also protects your cameras ports from environmental debris such as dust, dirt, and sand while you have your GoPro connected to continuous power such as a power bank.

If you are a motor vlogger you know that it is important to keep you GoPro plugged into a power bank or other power sources as the batteries do not last long, using the all-weather charger allows you to continually feed power to your Hero 8 Black in adverse conditions even pouring rain. Although it is not waterproof and you can not charge while using the Hero 8 under water it will keep your ports dry even during a torrential downpour.

If you are someone who likes to capture overnight night-lapses or star-lapses you know the importance of keeping your GoPro plugged into a power bank. Your GoPro will be protected throughout the night even if you happen to get some rain or even a heavy dew.

Watch our YouTube video of the 3BR Powersports kit in action.



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