Control You DJI Ronin S or Ronin SC With A Game Controller

A recent firmware and app update for the DJI Ronin S and Ronin SC allows you to control the unit remotely with a game controller. This new update is compatible with both Xbox One controllers and PS4 controllers. Set up is easy and straight forward, all you need to do is pair your game controller to your smartphone via Bluetooth then launch the Ronin app and it just works. You must update both the Ronin app and the firmware of the Ronin S or Ronin SC first. You must also be running iOS 13 as earlier versions are not compatible. The range seems to be decent and I can think of many great uses for this new update. There are other ways to control your ronin remotely but they require purchasing fairly expensive hardware and essentially this new method is free as most of us have game controllers already kicking around. Watch our YouTube video for a quick demonstration.


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