DJI Action 2 | Connect A Microphone Directly To The Cameras

DJI Action 2 (Amazon)
Rode Wireless Go 2 (Amazon)
Rode USB-C to USB-C Cable (Amazon)
Rode VideoMic Me-C (Amazon)
Ulanzi Vlog Handle (Amazon)
Aluminum Vlog Rig (Amazon)

One of the nice features of the DJI Action 2 is you no longer need a microphone adapter to connect a microphone to the camera. You can plug any USB-C mic directly into the USB-C port on the DJI Action 2’s dual-screen module or the battery pack module. The original Osmo Action as well as most generations of GoPro’s A clunky proprietary microphone adapter was always required. If you will be using the DJI Action 2 for vlogging connecting a good external microphone is a must. I have tested both the Rode Wireless Go 2 and the Rode VideoMic Me-C and both microphones worked flawlessly. One thing I have not tested yet is if a traditional microphone with a TRS or TRRS connection can be used if used in conjunction with a microphone jack to USB-C converter, in theory, this should indeed work.

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