DJI Avata First Impression and First Flight – INCREDIBLE

This is my first impressions review of the new DJI Avata FPV drone and new goggles 2. Join me for my first full flight with the DJI Avata and see what my first impressions are… spoiler alert I was very pleased. I think this is the drone I have been waiting for, although lacking in some aspects compared to the DJI FPV it more than makes up for it in others. The DJI Avata is built like a tank so no being worrying about crashing and if you happen to run into small objects it is no problem most of the time it will keep on flying. The new goggles 2 with its 1080 OLED screens make for a nice sharp crisp image allowing you to pick up on small details and obstacles easily. This drone is a lot of fun and the video quality is incredible! Lots of video footage to get a feel for the quality of the video the DJI Avata captures.

DJI Avata (Amazon)

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